You often wake with a headache? The sore neck? Body aches? This may be because you do not have a proper pillow. To learn more about the art of choosing a good pillow, we asked Linda Coulombe, physiotherapist, the physio clinic in 2000 , to explain what to look for when buying.

Needs vary by age

“What you should know, first, is that children, adults and seniors have different needs. Inevitably, they will have to choose pillows that do not have the same characteristics.

The child

First, children below two years do not need a pillow. From two years, the pillow should be very thin so as to promote proper training of the column. That’s when the curvature of the back to form. A pillow too thick curvature strength by bringing the head forward, which will bring the child, by reflex, to lie on your stomach. This is a very bad sleeping posture. We must sleep on your side or back. Sleep is the perfect time to rebalance posture. So do not skimp with the quality of the pillow. It offers the child a small thin pillow about two inches thick.


The elderly

The elderly are often smaller, sometimes have breathing problems and kyphosis (hunched). For these people, it is recommended that several large pillows or pillow to raise the neck, release the chin and improve breathing. However, for those who do not experience such problems, it is recommended to use a thin pillow because, as children, the curvature of the spine is less pronounced than that of an adult.

The adult

In an adult, look morphology and clearly identify its needs. Its size, weight, width of his shoulders, back problems, the curvature at the column (pronounced or collapsed) are to be considered. What you should remember is that the distance of shoulder and neck must be completed by the pillow. The space between the tip of the ear and the tip of the shoulder should be well filled when one layer on the side, proper alignment of the head with the column.

Respiratory problems

People who have respiratory or digestive problems such as gastric reflux, will rely on a large pillow even though they have no sharp bends in the back. They may even think of looking up from their beds, either with bricks or by buying an electric bed which can adjust the height of the head. They will not get a pre-molded pillow that would send their head back.


The pre-molded pillow is best suited to people who have had an accident. It helps their necks to resume a normal curvature. This type of pillow supports the neck is a bit like a brace. It is also suitable for people who have a very pronounced curvature in the lower back, as the ballerinas, for example.

Shoulder problems

Those who have shoulder problems will often avoid relying on it and will tend to lie on her stomach to reduce pain. They are advised instead to adopt a larger pillow.

Lumbar or cervical problems

others have problems in the cervical or lumbar region. We must give them the most support possible by adding more pillows. However, for them, the pillow is not suitable because precast send the head back and cause unnecessary pain. ”

The material

Feathers? Silk? Buckwheat? You probably your preferences. Ms. Coulombe see what we offer.


“First, we must know that no matter the material we choose for our pillows, they should be changed regularly. The pillow has it off over time, changes shape, but after one year, 10% by weight of the pillow is composed of dead mites, which is not great for allergy sufferers.


One might be inclined to choose silk pillows for their quality, but they are very thin pillows supporting evil.

The pen

Fans of the pen can ensure a good support since we can shape our neck pillow, but the pen is an environment worshiped mites. People with allergies should therefore be wary.


The buckwheat pillow, meanwhile, is hard and can, over time, generate pain in the small ossicle. It is best to choose a pillow softer than a pillow hard. Also, the rustle that creates buckwheat may disturb the sleeper.

The latex

Finally, the chips latex pillows provide the same type of comfort, great malleability and good support, while being 100% hypoallergenic. That’s the choice I advise my patients. ” To all of you all, you want a good sleep!