When decorating for Christmas 2011, there are no real trends: Sundries is making a comeback, and also the theme of circus mirrors Full Effect.

The International Trade Fair for Trends “Christmas World” in Frankfurt has made it in January and February 2011, already looking ahead: During the Christmas season 2011/12 dekomaßig’s all in there! There is a clear trend is not there at Christmas balls & Co.

Ornaments 2011/12: Even pastel colors and streamers are again possible

Christmas balls may 2011/12, according to “Christmas World” pretty much all shapes and colors. Painted balls, preferably with snow crystals or plaids are back in. In addition, glass beads, which are combined with other materials, for example Svarowski crystals. New to pastel-colored balls that can arise with angel hair again trendy nostalgic mood. But the strong colorful balls of the prevailing style of “Modern Lifestyle” are available in all colors and color combinations are still on the rise. Since pink suits light green, orange and purple, turquoise or kiwi green to it is just everything mixed. Even with the figurative decoration in this year long not only asked Santa Claus or angel. The Christmas 2011/12 comes with frogs, gnomes, elves, parrots, and therefore even pigs. There are also fruits and vegetables as glass jewelry it again, this time was halved and quartered preferred as apples and pears, as well as vegetables such as cucumber slices may be placed in Christmas scene. For more conventional decorations still deer in vogue, also mushrooms of all kinds . The trend “Alpine Style” consists continued unabated in all product groups.


LED Christmas lights for indoor or low atmospheric

Energy saving Christmas lights with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) is quite large on the rise, especially outdoors. Energy cost savings and longevity pay for themselves quickly to the higher purchase price. The decisive disadvantage, especially for an atmospheric interior decoration, previously was the color of the LED light that looks more bluish to greenish. Meanwhile, although there are already improvements, the LEDs in the interior warmer and therefore are white. However, many lamps for the interior is still much too bright and rich in terms of the quality of light, yet can not match the traditional Christmas lights. Individual LED Candles are convenient, but often have the disadvantage that each candle is individually provided with a battery or a battery needs. LED Christmas lights is also available with colored lights and different design, such as light curtains or window screen.

New trends with mirrors and colorful circus worlds

Playful or elegant trends, which are for the coming Christmas season, announced by trend scouts are, among others, the styles “Spectacular” and “Reflection” with Spectacular presented with dazzling colorful circus-Winter Worlds in the prevailing strong colors red and blue. The focus will be moments of wonder and magic, acrobatics and magic tricks. Almost opposite the other hand, the trend staged ” Reflection “with quieter, almost cool colors such as gray or whitewashed, blue gray or gray-green. With natural materials and acrylic mirrors here is a gentle but exciting atmosphere can be created. Never go out of fashion, trends “Country & Nature” with warm earthy colors and natural materials. Besides those already mentioned here are mushrooms 2011/12 animals like squirrels and moose and reindeer continue to use, also replicated gingerbread cookies. May be missing in this style and not wood and bark, and of course, nuts, or pins, what would Christmas be without them?