Discover the Christmas fashion, find inspiration, ideas, to imagine and make your own holiday decorations.

The international trends Christmas 2011 have really anything to please us. As Christmas 2011 looms on the horizon, some begin to think about the decor, the menus and meals, gifts, here is the famous international exhibition of decoration that promises to end in January 2012. This is an opportunity to discover all the trends for decorating Easter , the birthdays , the weddings , Christmas and all the other holidays of the year 2012. For now, feast on us this Christmas to come.

Color trends for Christmas 2011, forms

You will discover many sources of inspiration in the Christmas decorations that await us this year. A big trend continues in polar white, ice blue, but also in the green money, like a pine branch frosted. A fashion persists, pregnant: Nature. There’s still something for all tastes and colors. Collections red, silver, gold, pink to purple through the purple, gray, brown earth, taupe and white are still the party.


As for the vogue vintage , she continues to assert itself with shades of pink delicate shading. Indeed, the return to tradition, the cultural roots are still claims a little more, everyone wants to find the decorations of the time of our grandmothers. Thus, small ornaments classic, no frills are present, but also the hearts, miniature Christmas trees, snowflakes and stars . Overall, Christmas 2011 will be less “flashy”, more sober nature, with classic lines and pure.

Materials trends Christmas 2011

The glass is in the spotlight, alongside natural materials like wood, willow, wool. However, felt the metal will also participate in the festival. The LED lights are thriving in a world where energy conservation is a major concern. The garlands are illuminated multicolored, are decorated with animal figures, plants, flowers and improve their technical performance. Good news, they should be cheaper. The wreaths will invite more and more on the terraces, balconies, gardens, and the curtains of light. The candles from the table, the candles, the candles tend to earn on traditional chandeliers. The candles are so decorative, creating magical and mysterious, with their soft diffuse light.

Trends Christmas themes 2011

For a party with children, houses Santa’s Gingerbread , and cookie wreaths match the current fashion. They say this return to tradition, the nostalgia of Christmases past. The toy figurines, rag dolls, animals, mini gift boxes adorn the trees of children. We find the Christmas spirit with open fires, and hot drinks of delicacies and especially in those rustic decor old Scandinavian-inspired, reign of St. Nicolas. The vintage looks are very present, with themes like Christmas in old Russia, the Nativity, the living creatures of the forest (plants, magical beings).

Reasons trends for Christmas 2011

Agreeing to Russian themes for example, folk motifs are part of the magic of Christmas. In the spirit of the forest creatures, the Christmas balls, bells are dressed in textiles, rugs winter, plaid or herringbone. Beautiful red berries are entangled in the branches of a Christmas tree, breathing in the forest, barely concealing small elves evil smiling. A vintage style will agree with gingham patterns, peas, chicken feet, lace and embroidery. From this outline, let your imagination wander Would you like a Christmas ornament sparkling and magical? Or rather nature? As a return to origins by adopting the true Scandinavian style, or a Christmas folk Russian colors and patterns? Your colors and theme chosen, your home is set up, either homemade or mottled in fine shops Christmas.