It was all a bit of creativity, and when the time of holidays, we can certainly do a lot yourself for Christmas decoration. For those who do not have the time, there are companies that specialize in themed decor. Annie For tin’s specialty, it’s Christmas! Annie works with many traders to brighten the facade and interior of their storefront, but it also has many requests to create magical scenery residential. I met with her to learn more. It is with great generosity Annie gives us his tricks of the trade, so that we can reproduce to brighten our homes during the holidays.

The exterior

How much does it cost to create an outdoor setting by using a professional? People tend to want to put a lot and when I give them the prize for their project, they all jump, they find that it’s expensive, says Annie. The more we cover a large area, it takes more time and equipment. According to our expert, it is preferable to concentrate its theme (and budget) in a smaller area for maximum effect. It then creates a remarkable focus. The classic mistake is when its deco theme is to want to put across, which gives a scatter disparate. “It’s as if we stretched our decor and the result is unattractive, explains Annie.


Where to start?

With a budget of more “reasonable” one might think to concentrate its decoration around the door. Our specialist like recover planters or pots of plants that were used during the summer. They can paint with gold or silver spray paint and fill them with branches of various trees from nature: it is a good way to save. Branches are planted in soil unfrozen and some rocks that will set aside before frost. We love birch branches for their color, but all the other branches can provide a natural touch when combined with loops of colored ribbons.

Where does one find the branches?

“You can do very well around the field and trim dead branches with a good pruning, which prevent damage to the tree.” If you are lack of vegetation at you, know that Hydro-Quebec conducts regular pruning of trees. Learn dates sizes in your area to get there and get what you need. The traditional crown, natural or artificial, is always set to brighten up the door. Alternatively, you can get a bunch of white pine, red pine or cedar in garden centers and do what you want. Annie loves decorating outdoor lighting or create an arch above the door.

What is light?

It’s always a challenge to find a way to inform its design. A power source nearby is necessary, and avoid having too many connections and extensions. For the exterior, we absolutely must buy lights designed for this purpose. The son is more robust, safer and life bulbs and lights will be longer, which is not the case if we use indoor lights. What matters is that our theme decoration can be visible at night.


The staircase

To accompany our Christmas tree, you can add small interests in strategic locations, such as the staircase. This can be adorned with a garland false fir carefully chosen without skimping on the price: they are more expensive, they appear more natural and longer they will last. In this chain is added rods natural pine or cedar for a more authentic look, some branches and loops of colors. Casseroles are also timeless. We like those of South Carolina which are available in garden centers. Otherwise, if you have planned the coup, we can pick them in the wild in the fall.

The home

For those who have a home, this is a great place to create your theme decor. Security issue, we avoid dangling branches near the heat source and opts for a crown placed well in height. You can also place it on the mantle an assortment of chandeliers and / or nutcracker soldiers. Tip: you can buy cheap chandeliers in stores “dollars”. We chose all shapes and sizes and are painted in gold or silver with spray paint. You can even paste into small balls and Christmas wrapping beautiful colored loops.

The Table

We can give their heart to the decoration of the table and fun to use elements of the Christmas tree as garlands, balls or any other artifacts parties. Basically, you can use a neutral ground. If it is white, it is advantageous to add a table runner and / or colored place mats to bring the heat. Annie confesses prefer cloths color background warmer. I opted for a green tablecloth patterned jacquard discreet so pretty with the white dishes!

Natural flowers

The Green Market, in addition to selling lots of decorative items, we specialize in flowers and natural plants. Peter Boxer, the friendly owner, sells many centerpieces of flowers. Annie, our specialist assists in floral arrangements that are in high demand these days! She assures me that the flowers can last a good ten days if they are in hot water. Yes! As hot water in the bathtub. Because flowers are watered more easily with warm water and they last longer. Foliage, meanwhile, can last up to two months. So, do not hesitate to add a natural touch to your decor, it’s so much genuine.