Here is a DIY manual and original craft ideas for Advent wreaths that are different. Tinker Christmas ornaments and decoration for the Christmas season itself.

An Advent wreath should not be missing in the weeks before Christmas. It comes out to less of which he is made. Only one thing has to be: He needs four candles. The bright candle light in dark days of December provides for cozy mood and conjures up memories of childhood. A classic Christmas wreath is bound from spruce or pine branches and decorated with four red candles and all sorts of festive sparkle things. With a little creativity and a desire to make your own, you can create funny, unusual Advent wreaths. Here are some ideas for alternative Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath decoration, simple and beautiful

Obtain four equal not too large flower pots made of clay, which should be about 8-10 inches high. Set this with the opening facing down, then turned over to a 40 inch long board side by side or directly on the table. Fasten on top of each pot a nice, long candle. The Advent wreath is very simple, but he has style! If it seems too meager appears, move the pots with gold sparkle spray or put greenery in between.


Christmas wreath decoration, Floating candles and baubles

Take a bulbous glass bowl or other suitable glass vessel. Fill it with water and put a four floating candles. If you like it, you can gold-painted rocks involved in the water. Perhaps you can find in their stock of Christmas decorations to another piece of decoration that it is submerged in water, for example, a festive character (angel or Santa Claus) of metal or stone? They put small Christmas balls on the water surface or sprinkle into stars, then the drive along with the candles on the surface.

Advent wreath with original stones

Sometimes less is more. This also applies to a tasteful Christmas decorations. Especially in the weeks before Christmas, the window-dressers of the big department stores outdo lavish decor in gold and silver. Giant Christmas trees decorated with tinsel and giant balls where you look you. How relaxing, when the eye can rest at home in this simple arrangement of four candles and a few smooth stones. On the square, very flat top of a large metal box, round stones were laid. Four dark red wax candles were placed. The candles should necessarily be thick and not too long. Narrow, large candles would look out of proportion with the weight pebbles. Instead of the metal shell, you can also use a glass dish, but just the silvery metal acts in conjunction with the gray of the stones and the red of the candle very graceful. In addition to a wreath is also the advent of Christmas to naturally crafted himself.