Christmas decorations filled with colors and joy the rooms of our house. However, devote themselves to beautify the exterior lights and adornments that traditionally were used to decorate just inside is a great way of expressing all the enthusiasm that inspires this magical era, bringing to balconies on an excellent Christmas message to neighbors and passers-by and creating a cozy festive atmosphere for your guests.

Get inspired by our ideas on Christmas decorations for balcony.

What we need:

* Balls
* Angels
* Stars
* Lights
* Cones
* Magi on a rope
* Garlands
* Gifts

One of the most used in outdoor decorations are the Christmas lights, definitely a winning element to decorate columns or balcony railings. You, of all, the option increase the pressure, but the variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles gives us hundreds of different options. You can also opt for figures made of copper wire dress set of white lights or multicolored. Dress of lights the balcony is not necessarily expensive in the markets and shops of your city you’ll find cheap: just know how to look. Stick to one style : if you decide to decorate the entire outside in blue lights of all colors or white candidly, that give a more romantic and elegant.


A tree of small dimensions is also a festive and decorative accessory to decorate the balcony, but if you already have one great inside the home or do not want to depend on the climate change, the best option is to decorate one or more plants that normally keep out. Ideal on the balcony plants with red flowers such as poinsettias, amaryllis, mistletoe and holly wreaths. Along the railing, hanging in a U-shaped garland of stockings from which escape presents colorful and multicolored ribbons, or simple green wreaths or flowers to give a natural touch to the environment.

Green light for bells, bells, pine cones, little angels. Under the roof of the veranda hanging the classic balls in succession at different heights. And, instead of the classic snowman, a Santa Claus hanging from the back that you climb the balcony or to be even more original, the three wise men one after the other along a rope will be cause for astonishment and smiles to anyone who passes under your house. Recent trends leading to decorate the outside of houses with those elements that traditionally adorned the interior. You can customize the balcony with lights and objects that you like, the important thing is to arrange them according to a style that makes it your own balcony Christmas.

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