As the Christmas is fast approaching sure you are thinking how you’re going to dress and style for the holidays, gifts, meetings, food and last but not least, the decor of the house. To lighten the load a little today we will give some holiday decorating tips for the home, to put your house in tune with the holiday. You can use the following decorating tips to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home. Adapt them to the space you have and see how you get a cute Christmas decoration.

Christmas decoration

While each year brings special trends in decoration, such as colors and shapes, there is nothing safer than going for the traditional ornaments and then give them a personal touch, so it is best to first have in mind what and what are you going to decorate objects, and then choose a range of colors and representative figures.

The Christmas tree

The whole focus of Christmas decorations is undoubtedly the tree. Some of you will have a preference for natural pine, other by plastic and others will choose to make their own designs based recycling. But no matter the type of tree, because what you can not miss are bright lights and figures. To give a classic touch uses small white lights and ornaments of stars, balls, snowflakes, etc, Having brightness. To this we can add links, small stuffed animals, flowers, family photographs and any decoration that is your taste.



In many countries it is common to use birth or manger to complement the Christmas decorations. If you are following the tradition and accounts with space, feel free to put together a scenario that recreates the image we have of birth and home uses small figures to give the air of your birth town. If your house is small, do not worry, there are births guys you can be placed anywhere, be sure to place lights around for them to call more attention.


You can make Christmas centerpieces to decorate both the main table as the other tables in your home. The ornaments will depend on the room, for example, in the dining room can make a traditional arrangements with fruits of the season and decorate it with ribbons. For the living room you can place candles, Christmas flowers or make an arrangement with paper flowers, origami is very popular for this type of work. In the rooms you can opt for a small fix with photos and for children with stuffed animals, small toys or drawings themselves.


It is valid decorate both the outside door and inside the home, from the traditional wreath through the posters. You can choose from multiple options when a touch of Christmas to the door, the current trend is to accompany the decoration with a small poster that contains any of the phrases that you like.