Discover how to make more natural the decoration of the house at Christmas.

Approaching an age of light, a date to enjoy Christmas carols, dinner, family warmth, the laughter of children running to open their gifts. This is a time to come and share and give love. It’s Christmas, and as every year, is to pass his best, surrounded by an ideal scenario, however, it is usual to find that always used the usual Christmas arrangements that although it look nice, they often want to break with monotony and put a spin on the Christmas decorations. In this quest for change in the Christmas decorations are imposed laden environments simply and naturally, avoiding the pompous and shrill.

Christmas decorations simple and natural

This season, where it is usual to find decorations that fill bulky sight, the growing trend on the rise, is to go for another way to decorate a very natural and simple, but no less beautiful than the traditional home to give a Cute and fresh aura Christmas. Raw beauty of simplicity and naturalness.


Christmas decorations with objects of everyday use

To make a difference in Christmas decorations, you must first dare to take advantage of many of the everyday objects that are all over the house. Ideally, try to use what we have or, conversely, how to decorate find the best way possible with the least expenditure. Perhaps you can take a cloth with a smooth tone and add natural decorations (wreaths made ​​from pine cones, leaves) referring to the holidays, you can also reuse small metal buckets or cans made ​​lamps that look of wonder spread across all areas of the house. The Christmas messages can translate into any corner using, simple letters made ​​with colored cardboard.

The contemporary style of Christmas

Contemporary is the simplicity enhances cleanliness and austerity as essential principles: To achieve a very natural decoration, use light colors for the background frame, cloth and fabric, gift wrap, candles.To further search for items with bright colors so that when you add in the composition Christmas, stand out in an atmosphere “snowy”.

Combine style Christmas decorations

If mixed with style, you get a beautiful Christmas composition. The merger of traditional and simple are varied: it combines the old and new, Christmas trees with different ornaments, the neutral and colorful. The limit does not exist, there is a thread that unites them: mixtures must work to achieve harmony is required at this time.

Christmas decorating ideas

#Include in the decoration items as Christmas as cones and spheres made ​​from dried materials capable of recycling as wire or jute.
#Use corks bottle caps to make panels with forms alluding to the holiday spirit, frame them with twigs or leaves, a good idea is to glue them greeting cards or letters.
#Use neutral colors and natural fibers in utensils such as dishes and linens. With jute padding can make tiny pillows with forms that evoke the Christmas spirit: trees, stars, angels.

The Christmas touch can be in every corner of the house in a simple and practical. Creativity is the basis for the different rooms of the house to print the Christmas feeling with natural elements and everyday items can be recycled for this purpose.