The Christmas on time is going to come back and lead a healthy breath of serenity and joy. Obviously there is no self-respecting Christmas if not carried out the necessary decorations throughout the house. The guide below are some tips for decorations very simple to make with materials recovery . Read the guide.

You need:

* Cones
* Tapes
* Cotton wool
* Hot glue

If you want to decorate your home in an economical and at the same time simple and fast, here are some ideas that may be useful to beautify your home and give it the appearance characteristic Christmas. The first thing to do is to arrange a couple of cans of paint spray typical Christmas colors, or the silver and gold . With these colors will be given the classic touch to your Christmas decorations. If you have the possibility to arrange a certain number of cones, may be employed for the embodiments of festoons or table centers. Simply spray the paint on the surface and here the pine cones Christmas.


If you have a large number of cones, you can choose some devote to the center of the table and the other you can use to create Christmas balls hanging on the tree. To do this you simply make the bows with ribbon blue or red paste applied on the basis of pine cones and a hook to hang them on the branches of the tree of Christmas. Always with pine cones, if you are really armed with a good imagination, you can choose to do some real figures. To make the dolls just do the following: take two cones of different sizes, the larger will be designed to make the little body of the doll, while the smallest act as head.

Paint the two cones with the color you prefer for your puppets. If, for example, you want to make a Santa Claus, you can simply color the red cone largest and the smallest you can also leave the natural color since then, on it you can apply for the cotton hair and beard and a hat of felt red or cotton or any color you prefer. two cones with hot glue and you will get your doll. You can choose to place it on a table centerpiece, under the tree, or if it is not too heavy, you can choose to attack on the Christmas tree.