Christmas tree decorated white wood finish

Wood is a natural and beautiful material as they come. So it lends itself swimmingly for any decorative project that we might occur. Now comes the most magical time of year, the wood can become the perfect material to decorate the house. You want to discover how you can make a Christmas tree wood to decorate every corner.


This project has it all: it is simple to do, do not need too complicated materials to find or very expensive, and the result is great. What more could you ask for?  It is time to replace the old Christmas tree ever, with its green branches and a little by use, by a more modern idea and special a Christmas tree wooden did for you!

A Christmas tree very original wood

Everything is easy to find, even the tool, and the project itself does not have much difficulty. Start by gathering the materials needed for your new Christmas tree 2 sheets plywood 5 or 6 mm thick, 2 strips of wood, chalkboard paint, white paint, gray paint, foam roller, brush, balls wood 6 cm in diameter, bars silicone adhesive, sockets, hooks, masking tape, rope, ribbons, buttons, etc.

Once you have all the materials you need for work you begin by drawing on a paper silhouette of the Christmas tree that you use. You can use the internet to find a shape you like or make it as seen in the images. The idea is that after cutting the two sheets of plywood can assemble to form the wooden Christmas tree. Once you have the template on paper place it on the plywood and fasten with tape to draw a pencil comfortably. After drawing the two designs on sheets of plywood you cut them with the saw being careful to follow the pencil line.

He began painting with white paint apply two coats of paint, waiting for it to dry between coats. One of the pieces of plywood will go blank on one side and black on the other. In another piece is to be painted half tree each color, on both sides. Then draw the gray stars on the white part, helping acetate with a template in which you have previously cut design.

It is stenciling stars, giving irregular brushstrokes so it is not too perfect. Once the two pieces that form the tree will have to be well dry insert one into the other as you can see in the photograph. You will not need any item to fix the structure, or adhesives or screws or nails. In fact, you will see that the tree stands alone without problems.