The holiday season is fast approaching. Surely you install a Christmas tree inside your home. Which will you choose: natural or artificial? The decor, the natural tree, even cultivated, is not always a perfect symmetry, even if you took the time to choose the family. You’ll have to use your imagination to fill these vacant spaces left by Mother Nature. Dare! You will not regret it. Some even provide each year a tree in pot they transplantation on their land, in the spring.

The disadvantages of natural tree

Water requirement : if you opt for a real tree, you need to provide access to the water supply. Before installing, removing, by means of a saw, between one and two inches (2.5 to 5 cm) of the lower trunk. It will absorb more water. Then pour in enough liquid media to feed. The first day, it will absorb nearly 4 liters. Then consumption will be limited to one liter per day. To keep your tree for three weeks, water it daily. Avoid placing it near a sunny window or a heat source.


Needles : drying, the tree loses its needles. Besides the broom daily, you should watch all signs of dryness of your beautiful tree.

Fire : When it dries, the natural tree poses a risk of fire. Do not leave the lights on too long and be vigilant. However, the LED lights on the market in recent years are safer. They produce little heat and less affect the tree itself same. Be always careful! You’d be surprised how quickly a dry tree ignites! The phenomenon is similar to the burning gas when in contact with a match.

The advantages of the artificial tree

Colors and styles : popular Quebecker (nearly three out of four families have one), the artificial tree is available in several colors and styles. You will be spoiled for choice. However, it will cost you tens or even hundreds of dollars to get the ideal model.

Easy installation : simply remove it from the box and find the location.

Maintenance : fir artificial requires little maintenance. In addition, some models come with integrated optical fibers: no cords to tangle or bulbs burned.

Uniform : artificial Christmas tree is generally well supplied, if you put the price. Once the holiday season is finished, you can just store it in a box and take it out, eleven months later.

Less risk of fire : it corresponds to Canadian standards, it does not present a significant risk of fire and you can leave it on all night, provided you use LED lights. But is this really necessary?

Disadvantages of artificial tree

Few ecological : the artificial tree has a distinct disadvantage in an environmental perspective. Instead of absorbing CO2 it produces, for both its manufacturing and for transportation. In fact, each tree produced in Asia, oil-based, generates 8.1 kg of carbon dioxide on an annual basis. To compensate for CO2 emissions, you should keep it for 20 years. Or, Quebec families use, on average, this decorative item for six years before replacing.

Storage : if you live in a small apartment, you may have no space to store the box, usually large, for eleven months.

Odorless : Finally, you need to buy aromatic products if you want to get a good smell of fir, without the inconvenience of needle loss.

Natural or artificial? You’re well equipped to choose your tree. In time, it will do is add the decorations that you have so carefully selected. And you can mark the festive season with a traditional decorative element.