An old, long-forgotten plaster technique is experiencing a renaissance. Lime plaster from walls and surfaces are created of unique beauty.

Looking for individual trends, American and French architects and decorators came a few years ago on the fascinating citadel technique. Citadel is a plaster technique that creates a fascinating by polishing, silky, shimmering depending on the light surface.

The Citadel, an ancient craft

Even two thousand years ago used in the Berber region near Marrakesh this brushing technique to seal their drinking water cisterns. This in turn learned the know-how of the surface finishing. By the Romans, who brought this technology as part of its expansion into North Africa and Sudetenland their palaces with the glossy shine “stucco lustro”

Ingredients for the real Citadel originate from the Atlas Mountains

The original pure material from which the original Citadel panel is created comes from the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. The products extracted limestone is burned, then cleared with water. This results in a processable hydraulic lime plaster with a very high density, shock resistance and water resistance. The lime plaster is applied, polished after a few days with a precious stone, hardened and compacted, polished finish with a liquor from olive soap. This technique is very time consuming. By rubbing and polishing the stone gets the rough surface of the hand of the executive champion. Devotion and love of the material are the prerequisite for the success of the work, so that when the activity Emalee material and merge into one. A skilled artisan will need about three square meters for one day.


A sustainable building material

Also in Germany wins this ancient Moroccan technology becoming increasingly popular. Citadel is a natural and ecological building material, and is therefore in the trend of sustainable architecture. Citadel ensures its properties for an optimal indoor climate. It is a natural material that contains no allergens, counteracts the formation of mold and is anti-static. Kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and smaller objects, such as vases and bowls get through this surface processing a unique exclusive look.

Citadel only for the rich?

Like a wave is the enthusiasm for this ancient plaster technique around the globe. Actors in Hollywood, football stars in France, fashion gurus are second residence in luxurious restored raids in the median of Marrakesh Citadel succumbed to the fascination of the noble and consult decorators and architects who have mastered the art of surface finishing. As a specialist in this area is the American designer Bill Willis, the 20 already in the seventies of the Century residence in Marrakesh with the fascinating plaster transformed into a refined setting.

There are workshops

One way to beautify their homes with the Citadel not endorse, is to attend one of the many workshops offered. Even in a weekend course, you can delve into the mysteries of Citadels. But beware! Passion, endurance and technical skills must be available to compensate for the failures and setbacks that occur guaranteed.