Having the closet clean and tidy will help improve the style of home. Top tips on how to organize the closet.

The lack of order and cabinet tuning can lead to a real problem getting dressed every day, from feeling that there is nothing you can take (even though the cupboard is full), not being comfortable with your style or the way you dress. The wardrobe crisis indicate that the cabinet is not properly classified and possibly make a renewal lack of clothing, starting with the basic . Here are some helpful tips that will help clean and maintain order of the closet all year round.

Preparing for cleaning

It is important to book two times a year to relocate the clothes. Coinciding with changes in winter and summer, while clothing stores are not going to use, can be leveraged to make a general cleaning of the closet. The best way to stay focused throughout the whole process is to have all the ingredients at hand:

# garbage bags
# a few boxes or baskets
# markers
# hangers
# cleaning equipment, including vacuum


Another key part is that the room is tidy, as it will facilitate the task and avoid cleaning to abandon the lack of motivation. Then empty the closet full, including shoes and accessories, put clothes on the bed and shoes on the floor and use this time to clean out the closet flooring, drawers, surfaces .

Sort clothes

Piece by piece, it is best to decide right now to be done with each piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Prove to us if necessary and think: Will I ever wear it? Is broken, missing buttons or need accommodations? Do you need? Does it combine with my current style? Do you favor? How much I’ve used? I would I put in the last year? Can be used yet? I can give it to someone? There is a rule to know when to get rid of a garment, and is considered when was the last time you used. If it was over a year ago, the cabinet can be removed without remorse. Then group them into five piles of clothing:

Donate : I do not like or do not come but is in good condition.
Pull : the garment is in poor condition.
Save : winter clothes / summer.
Fix : low rips, missing buttons, zippers that do not close .
Hang up : you can hang clothes in the closet again.

Organize the closet

The best way to get dressed every morning is to have everything you need to look at, so you have to have the clothes sorted by Type, Occasion and Color. For example, all pants (T) work (O) black (C) together. Meanwhile, the clothing of another season, you can save in boxes at the top of the cabinet or in separate drawers. To order accessories, there are hooks for belts and bags, and even scarves, but you can also put in a drawer with dividers. The shoes, shoe boxes, or better, which can be hung vertically to save space.

Improve the appearance of dressing

Worth working every day to maintain order and cleanliness of our clothes . You can add details such as an anti-moth dresser, a box antihumedades, even a small light switch, never to find the closet in the dark. If the problem is the lack of space, modular cabinets are very practical, because we can adapt to our needs with drawers, shoe racks, hangers and add accessories and compartments for other items. Now that the cabinet is free of those items that just take up space, it’s time to plan the development of a good wardrobe , namely the basic update no longer serve us, and see which ones we missing.