There is a wide range of carpets on the market, Persian, Caucasian, Chinese, Turkish, modern etc … Able to enrich the taste and character of the house, giving free rein to the personalization of the environment, in order to achieve comfort and style. It is important to avoid ruin, clean carpet in a cured, because, lying on the ground, are constantly being stepped on with shoes coming from the streets dirty and dusty. There are companies designed specifically for the cleaning of carpets, which have a cost. To avoid spending money when the job can make us us, you’ll have to follow this simple guide.


To thoroughly clean your carpet , first of all, you have to beat to try to remove the dust on the surface. If you have the chance, you can place it on the railing of the balcony and beat him with a carpet beater, taking into account the time in which to do so to avoid causing nuisance to passersby. Ideally, leave a night in the open so that moisture can penetrate into the fibers. If you have a vacuum cleaner can Paracelsus above to complete the work, using, if it is expected, the specific brush for carpets .

Eliminate dust mites and cleaned up, we can move on to prepare the composition of which will be able to clean and sanitize our carpets. Get an empty plastic bottle and pour up to a level which corresponds to half of the container of shampoo for children, two or three drops of dish soap and fill with warm water . Shake well to emulsify the ingredients. Roll out the carpet on the floor and wash it by hovering over the mixture with a brush, focusing on the points where there are stains or dirt. The work must be done for both the part that remains visible that on the one that rests on the ground, in order to sanitize in a complete way the fabric or the material of which it is composed our carpet.

Many people find that soaking the carpets, they can be damaged. In fact, it is the water the best ally for every purpose household cleaning, including our beloved carpets, thanks to different shapes and colors, make our home comfortable and corresponding to our personal tastes. It is advisable, therefore, to try to keep them well washed to avoid ruin and that they can accumulate too much dust that damages our health and appearance of our home.