The kitchen is one room of the house where it is important to feel comfortable but at the same time one that requires a greater maintenance. In particular, kitchen sink should always be clean and ready for a quick re-use, which is kind of enamel or stainless steel, requires special attention, as it is also used for washing vegetables and other foods. Let’s see how clean and tidy in the kitchen sink.


If our sink is kind of glazed, protect the bottom with a plastic grid, and to clean it, use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching it. Disinfect with bleach and water, a useful trick is to forwarder paper kitchen soaked in diluted liquid bleach and leave for about half an hour. Then we remove the card, if you need to pass the sponge to rinse and dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth. A solution of salt and turpentine will remove the yellowing stains, after rinsing and drying will proceed as usual.

If, however, the sink is stainless steel, it is good to wash it with detergent lemon (can fit even what we use for dishes), always remembering to rinse and dry, especially for steel surfaces, drying is essential, as the water droplets that remain on it leave an unattractive halo (especially if the water in our area is a “hard”, that is very chalky, limestone is in fact responsible for the halos), we can remove with a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol or white vinegar warm. Also go on the surface of a lemon cut in half helps to eliminate traces of limestone. This type of material can also be dried with the skin suede, which ensures a professional result.

As for the discharge, to prevent odors from rising or that the exhaust is clogged, versifier boiling vinegar (about half a liter) in which we will loose a handful of salt. Then we wait about an hour before you run the water. You should not throw grease down the drain because of the pans on cooling congeals into the pipe, and could block it, thus causing problems. In any case it is better to protect the drain hole with a metal grille if we sink does not have them already in it.