If at home, we have a nice vintage armchair across from leather chair and intend to clean it to make it like new, we need to use some specific products for this natural material, also adopting the techniques before, during and after cleansing. Let us see how.

The first thing you should do, when the leather looks dirty and matted it took a sponge, soak it in water and baking soda, rubbing vigorously on the most dirty. Soon after, with a dry cloth to wipe it shall then become ready for treatment to moisturize the leather and its natural color. Moreover, one must add that baking soda is great because during the cleaning phase, plays an important, albeit slight abrasive action, which cleans and degrades the fibers of the leather which it is composed.


After the preliminary operation, to thoroughly clean the scalp and restore tone to the fibers, we can use two specific products based oil and wax. It is two excellent moisturizing, also capable of giving shine and restore the color of the leather, regardless whether it is the raw (beige), or colored with aniline. The products you can buy in stores that sell furs or in paint, although alternatively you can use the oil pale white or red (depending on the color of the leather) and beeswax raw, enriched with a hint of color neutrality. Both are to be applied on the surface of leather that covers the chair, with a brush. But let’s get into detail and explain how to use them correctly. The oil should be sprinkled on all parts including leather trim and metal studs, leaving him posing in a way that the leather absorbs the hydrating. After about an hour, with a cloth we first cleaned to remove excess fat. Soon after, we take a woolen cloth and begin the final phase that in addition to eliminating more oil on the surface shiny, highlights the grain and color of the leather upholstery of the chair.

With regard to the cleaning of the leather armchair with the wax, the application provides an abundant coated product with a spatula and a brush before then, to sprinkle it evenly over the entire surface. Leave the mask for half an hour, the wax tends to solidify and after this time, you just need a clean cloth, rubbing it vigorously on the wax that opposes a certain existence, you get a shiny effect immediately and be able to make it look brand new. Finally, to add that if the leather chair has deep scratches or grooves, in addition to one of the two products, you can use one type of grease to clean shoes and saddles of the horses, which contains substances reconstructive wax-based, able to fill any leaks creates excessive consumption of leather fiber.