The natural stone floor, despite its potency, it is rattling sore to the action of the time, the natural wear and tear, the traditional cleaners, and acid and alkaline substances that may in time give the surface a neglected and dull. Commercial products can be easily found, while ensuring a visible clean, weaken the mechanical properties and gloss of the base. This guide offers a method for cleaning natural, simple, inexpensive and extraordinarily efficient.

Recovered the necessary material: alcohol, baking soda, a bucket of good capacity, a microfiber cloth and a soap, solid ecological such as the Marseille soap, proceed with reducing the soap flakes (about 20 grams) and pour the contents into previously a bucket filled with 4 liters of warm water. You can also rub the soap in a very wet sponge and squeeze it into the bucket if you want to speed up the preparation of the “detergent”.


The soap not only removes grease from the natural stone, but gives it a natural beauty, not corrode and is primarily antibacterial. Once completely dissolved and diluted in water mixed with the help of a ladle, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 10 tablespoons of alcohol, until the mixture is completely homogeneous and liquid, in a few minutes you will have achieved a remarkable detergent for cleaning interiors and exteriors.

Once you have removed the dirt and dust with a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a microfiber cloth wrung out well past the hard product on the floor, we recommend several coats if the surface is particularly ruined. Where persist dirt stains can be made ​​to act on the surface of a combination of baking soda and water applied for a few minutes and then rinsed thoroughly with our homemade product.

The harsh detergents and abrasives for different chemical and physical properties, go to undermine the porosity of natural stone and must be avoided, even substances such as lemon juice, tomato, fruit juice, the lime deposit, vinegar, if I stay longer in contact with the surface can corrode and ruin our stone until it is rough to the touch and unpleasant to the eye. Simple steps, such as a daily cleaning of dirt, over time, will preserve the natural radiance making it enjoyable every place, be it a failure of a large restaurant, or simply the bath house.