Clean the paint off the floor is a job that requires enough time and patience. Prepare the surface by cleaning it from dirt and debris; used a broom and remove the paint smooth with a spatula or a brush. Apply a paint stripper on the floor and used a paint stripper exfoliate designed to remove oil-based paints. Allow the paint stripper act according to the manufacturer’s instructions that are printed on the sack (in some cases only takes a few minutes, while others may contain two to eight hours). To follow in the footsteps of the guide you will find all the necessary information on how to clean the paint off the floor.

Use a brush or metal scraper to remove the paint loose; you can use a hydro-cleaning machine for external floors. In some cases it is necessary for a second or third application of paint stripper, so as to completely eliminate the pain. Use a pressure washer to remove the residue of paint stripper. For the most difficult stains of paint, use a paint stripper absorbent. If you work on a floor outside in a well ventilated area, used a stripper who presents methylene chloride, as it makes the process much faster. Use a stiff brush to remove all the paint.


Add a paint thinner to the paint stripper applied. Scrape the surface of the floor with a hard plastic spatula. Add a second layer of paint stripper if the paint is still present and repeat the process. Use a wire brush, the abrasive powder and water to scrub the surface stripped, removing paint particles in excess.

In the event that the paint covers a large area, you must use a sprayer and baking soda as an abrasive agent. Work very slowly and keep the nozzle about 8 inches away from the ground, move the nozzle evenly throughout the area to be treated. Always take the right precautions by wearing protective clothing. Remember also that products containing methyl ethyl keystone (MEK) are highly flammable and toxic. Use the stripper in a well ventilated area. If you are working on the floor of the house or in another enclosure, make sure that the windows are wide open.