The plastic tablecloths are very convenient because they avoid the wooden table to get dirty, in case of accidental falls of liquids and sauces, and at the same time it protects them from scratches. Their use, it is ideal when there are children in the home; in fact, they are useful for them to play with plasticine, for breakfast or do homework without running the risk of ruining the floor below. The advantage of these clothes is that they are water-repellent and washable, although sometimes occur with hostile spots, which must be removed especially for an aesthetic factor. In this guide, in this respect, we see how to intervene to clean plastic tablecloths.


The most common stains on plastic tablecloths are food and beverages, colors, ink and glue. To clean them properly, so you must use specific products for every type of dirt. Among these are definite ammonia, baking soda, alcohol and eraser.

We begin the description of the methods to clean a tablecloth plastic, starting from the stains of food and drinks. The absolute best product is ammonia that deep cleans, and does not corrode above the surface. The use of this product should still be very diluted, say with 70% with water. The product is applied directly to the surface of the cloth, a sponge and rubbing lightly. If the stain release a halo, then immediately after you proceed with the sodium bicarbonate, dry, with which exerts an abrasive action, able to remove also the latter drawback, and to return the tablecloth as new. If dirt stains occur quite intense and difficult to remove, as in the case of ink and markers, then the alcohol is the ideal solution for the first, while for the second, it is advisable to use vinegar so large sportswear side.

At the end, after having left lying on the tablecloth components, must be removed with a dry cloth. If, however, the ink marks were only faded, but we were unable to eliminate them completely, then with a lot of patience, we can remove them with an eraser. Finally, we take a cloth dipped slightly in beeswax and rub over the entire surface of the cloth, to make it again clean and shiny.