The owner of a swimming pool in your garden, of course, convenient and fun, but without a doubt it is a real luxury! In fact, the high cost of maintenance and upkeep of such equipment; More regularly to keep you healthy and clean should be a thorough cleaning. The easiest thing would be to go to a particular organization, but it will be expensive enough, so it is the level of boost, and maybe you can DIY, chores have a tendency towards a certain, you can quietly clean your pool yourself groped.


Properly fund the very best you can, and it’s across the board in the final TARP, so you have to clear the first thing to do is empty the fund for this purpose. The walls, and there are specific products on the market that are coated on the bottom of the pool, and you will leave it for about ten minutes. Then wipe the surface with a brush and rinse everything with a good water jet. Bottom or on the board, limescale deposits brand you can find in stores or online pool, which is a specific product, you have to use. Once you have enough to be observed in the time of purchase and the product label use, so you can use it in the best way.

It is the non-use of the winter pool cover that is provided to clean PVC tarpaulin. Warm water, mild detergent and vinegar and mix well, pour into a bucket, it is clear; If you need to remove any mold, sprinkle the liquid on the towel. It is dry, sprinkle talcum powder before putting it away, so you do not stick, and it will be more difficult than you can rip.

Do not forget to also clean the filter using a product designed to eliminate any bacterial growth. Once the pool is filled with water to maintain the pH, determination of useful, manually or with the use of the control unit can be done by performing a routine maintenance to keep it clean and to control the ratio between chlorine and hydrogen chloride value of the optimal value of the neutral and free of charge. We anti-algae, at least 10 grams / square meter to add advice. In any case, the surface of the water suspension (leaves, insects, and removing particles of active use on a daily basis or on a net can.