People older and disabled have unique needs for care and cleaning of their homes. If you are responsible for your care, you must ensure that your home is safe for them and does not involve any environmental hazard. For the elderly and disabled, this care is more than comfort; are necessary for them to live in a safe and healthy environment. If you would like to hire a cleaning service for your home or building you have to consider some things before hire them. Do you know why I recommendations for a Columbus Ohio janitorial service? My best answer is all of employees are very professional and expert.

Here we discussed the proper ways to clean tile floor.

Cleaning the floor

Tile and wood floors are a unique danger to the elderly and disabled. These floors can be slippery, especially if clean with products. Select the floor cleaning products that are advertised as “slip” products. Use them on all floors and wood floors in the house. After cleaning your floors, stays at home until the entire floor is dry. Once this happens, you walk across the floor and make sure it is not slippery or wet.

Actually, make the floors look great tile is much easier to keep the floor clean wood. The secret is to use appropriate techniques and materials.

clean a tile floorInstructions

1.) Use the right mop. Because the floors are tiled together, should avoid or sponge mops Swifter type. These are very good for removing surface residue but not thoroughly cleaned. Best uses mop strings or ribbons.


2.) Use a bucket that has a strainer. Whether it’s a colander for one twist or roll form, the important thing is to remove the excess water from the mop between each pass. Use a bucket that has a good squeegee.

3.) Prepare the appropriate solution. Use strong liquid cleaning solutions and water hot for sections together and difficult to clean. Use a smoother for the rest of the flat solution.

4.) To mop three times on each side. Slide the mop three times and then give it back for reuse three times. Rinse well the mop and start again. This prevents dirty water passes across the floor.

5.) Rinse the water often. It is convenient to pass dirty water on the floor and need clean water to clean the mop. Once the water is dirty, change it to fresh, clean water hot .