So many times in the house because of so many commitments we neglect some things such as cleaning the glass, since I’m also a morsel on the side of our house, especially for those who dwell in the city between smog and dust can become soiled more quickly. The trouble, nevertheless, is not so clean, but do it considerably because it frequently falls out that after being brushed up for good, looking at it against the light we realize that they are full of bars. So what to do to prevent these insidious enemies of the windows of the house? By following the tips listed below, surely you will find a viable solution of how to clean the windows.

First, we must remove the dust from the glass with a cloth, in this way you will avoid that in the next step the powder is still present. To be sure that you have removed all will be helpful to use a microfiber cloth that catches the dust. You should also clean the wood or metal of the window, so it will be easier to clean without leaving any residue. Once cleaned with the rag. You may proceed with a thorough cleansing with a sponge and soap you will decrease the glass, in the case of deposits or fingerprints. Now the windows are ready to be cleaned with a detergent that you can prepare at home, in an economical way.


To prepare the detergent dispenser, you will have to take a vacuum (which is no longer used), put 250 ml of warm water, half a glass of ethyl alcohol, a half cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of ammonia scented. After you have prepared everything just spray the cleaner on the glass and start clean with a damp cloth. In this way the windows will be cleaned, but not yet perfect, inevitably there will be some halo that is formed by the movements of the cloth that are made ​​to clean. All that remains is the last step, known for centuries, or when there is a print, it will serve the classic sheets of newspaper.

After cleaning all parts of the glass and also the part of wood or metal, will use of the paper sheets of crumpled newspaper which will be passed on the glass in all directions, thus avoiding to make marks on the surface. Using this method the results will be truly guaranteed, when in fact it will be finished cleaning the windows you will see that it will be bright and without halos and getting the effort to clean them more often.