To clean many environments and surfaces in our house there are an infinite multitude of products, but almost no one is 100% natural. This can involve a whole series of problems: allergies, rashes etc.. If you want to avoid all of these problems, especially if you have small children at home, you should tack on natural products, an all is vinegar. Vinegar really lends itself to a thousand and one uses, and among these we also cleaning, given its strong ability contestant and sanitizing. Among the various things that can be cleaned with vinegar also includes furnishings of our home, such as carpets , which certainly are beautiful and help to make the home more comfortable, but they tend to collect dust and stain easily. They are wool, cotton or other synthetic materials, it is not important, these are characteristics common to all types of carpets, but enough to know the method I will illustrate in this guide to clean easily and without much effort on your carpet favorite. Let’s talk cleaning carpet with vinegar.

cleaning carpet with vinegar

To keep nice and tidy the carpets of the house, you must periodically run a good service, first by wiping frequently vacuumed to remove all traces of dirt and dust, which tend to sink to the ground with ease. It is also a good idea not to step also never with the same shoes worn to go out, but just wearing shoes used in the house (but this is a good habit to look for possibly the floor). When you notice halos or dirt on carpets that can not be put in the washing machine or wash by hand, you just need to get them to clean the dry cleaner or act with homemade methods, saving considerably.

The first thing to do to thoroughly clean your carpet is obviously eliminate all excess dirt, remove with a vacuum cleaner or carpet beater with all the dust that has gathered on the carpet. In this way we will work in an environment definitely cleaner and will avoid having to repeat the operations several times, since the powder tends to absorb liquids with which it comes in contact.

It should also be assessed the extent of the bush and its type. We have to consider if the stain is dirty, or if it is fresh. If you look caked meanwhile gently to remove the thin layer of dirt with the handle of a spoon, then with a brush brushed away debris; if all you want is a fresh patch of oily, dab immediately with a paper towel, then take a teaspoon of cornstarch over and tap on the long dirt. When you notice it well soaked, with the vacuum cleaner hose (not to dirty brushes) and always with a brush brushed the area. Then started to prepare effective ‘cleaner’ home: put a container in a bowl slightly warmed white vinegar, salt and baking soda in order, then shake the mixture well.