You know that you’ve hit the jackpot when you’ve found a commercial cleaning company that serves both residential and business needs in Toronto. A company that is able to serve both in the city has the resources to support a large task force of trained and certified works who are skilled at tackling a wide-variety of tasks. Only a successful cleaning service with stellar customer satisfaction could offer the various tasks specific to commercial and residential jobs.

Commercial Cleaning

Proper training is essential for an efficient and effective cleaning of any premises, and The Master People in Toronto take it seriously. Proper guidance means that the technicians have been taught the specific techniques that will yield a quick and competent cleaning. They will know how to use the high-tech equipment and the cleaning products so that they can produce the best results.

For a business, cleaning and maintenance duties revolve around the messes that are acquired from high traffic areas. Cleaning and waxing floors, washing windows, cleansing upholstery, and dusting surfaces and window fixtures are common. So too are day porter service like maintaining your business’s restroom facilities and lounge areas. Big or small, a professional cleaning service can help maintain your facility while you work.

For a personal home, cleaning tasks are different, as the lower traffic requires jobs to be completed less often. Typically, flooring is the main focus for your cleaning crew, as carpets and tile see the brunt of your activity—especially if you have children or pets. They will remove stains with odour control products making your floor covering look brand new.

Expert cleaning companies can even handle tough restoration jobs after a devastating fire. Requiring a more intensive cleaning, a different crew of technicians from the regular cleaning team is dispatched. These technicians do more than just daily upkeep, as they are fully trained and certified to remove the damage caused by smoke and flames. The fire damage and restoration services from The Master People can get you and your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Whether you employ a professional cleaning company for residential or commercial needs, you can be assured that the cleaning experts will provide environmentally friendly services. Look for a company that is Green Seal Certified to ensure that its technicians comply with environmental laws. This certification means that your cleaning service has taken the time to comply with a rigorous set of standards aimed to encourage sustainability year after year. They will also use eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe to use near people.

So when you’re searching for a cleaning service that you can trust, now you know of particular principles with which to measure them. By choosing a Green Seal Certified company that offers reliable services for both residential and commercial customers, you guarantee that your cleaning will be done effectively and efficiently.