Today Valerie asked me what is the most appropriate screwing a floating floor: “Hello Alain, we bought a new building and the basement is not finished. We started work last year by putting a floating floor to allow children to go and play, but now I want to climb the walls to make rooms. Is that I can target the smooth concrete floor over the floating floor? There is no subfloor below the floating floor, we’re on the concrete. Or do I have to start all over again? Thank you for your help. ‘

Hello Valerie,

Without starting from scratch, there is a way to make your divisions without fixing on the flooring you have already installed. It is important not actually install the divisions over the flooring for at least two reasons: first, a division wall must always be resting on something solid. Is a false wooden floor or directly on the concrete floor, and this, in order that the division is sturdy, level, square and remains in place. Otherwise, the walls will move and full of problems arise with creaking joints between drywall sheets and so on.


Then, a floating floor, as its name suggests, must be floating to adapt to various changes in temperature and humidity of each room. If you press the divisions over the floor, he can not move and will no longer adapt to these changes. So what is to be avoided, obviously. Now, to address the fact that the floor is installed, you only need to use a circular saw to cut the places where you intend to erect the walls. Measure and mark well with a pencil where the walls are erected. Then adjust the depth of the blade on the saw so that it does not cut the floor and cut and all the places where there will be a wall. Be careful not to cut where there will obviously doors.