The coffered ceiling requires a certain level of labor and structural interventions appropriately. The beauty of a coffered ceiling, is undisputed and well suited to classic furnishings in these apartments in old buildings or prestigious villas. If you love the classics and want to give the rooms a touch formal and elegant, appropriate choice of flooring and the creation of a coffered ceiling will help to create a right set, creating a stylish atmosphere. For the realization, you will have to start right from the design of the environments in every little detail. Let’s see, how to design a coffered ceiling.


For the first thing you will have to return the size of the ceiling in scale, using a sheet of paper millimeter, with a pencil will trace the design of the ceiling to achieve, deciding the size of each drawer, and its shape. Between a dresser and the other will be mounted wooden beams with a thickness of about 15/20 centimeters, the pattern must be structured so as to create a surface composed of elements of the same size. Once the project is completed, we will proceed with the purchase of all materials, the preparation of the beams and paneled, using a miter saw for wood.

Panels natural beard and wooden beams, can be purchased at a home improvement store, at the same we also require cutting to size, with a small increase on the price (not always required). It also will purchase small frames that are mounted in the past, will be used to finish every single dresser creating a more elegant. The designs are varied to achieve, as well as polishing and decorations, the choice is entirely personal. The structures will be purchased painted prior to assembly. As from common use, we will proceed to the passage of a pore, then sand and dye with water paint. After a light sanding you can proceed to the assembly, and finally polishing (polishing may also be made ​​before). Small leaks that could be created, will be filled and then covered with the appropriate frames, then you do not need a job millimeter, even if it required a lot of precision.