The colonial style is the union of two different furnishing trends : one imported by settlers Europeans of the eighteenth century, made ​​mainly of complements classic lines, and typical of the colonies, identified mainly by the use of local materials and fabrics. The general style that results is classic-country but also ethnic at the same time, and it is further distinguish two styles: the so-called American and the East, which have between them a’ basic similarities but also considerable differences aesthetic.

Characteristics of colonial style furniture

The furniture made ​​according to the American colonial style are solid wood and have the typical lines of European classical furniture. I’m not finished carefully in detail and present an impression a little ‘rough but, rather out of place, can be a trendsetter. The materials used are originating in North America. Are then used in the prevalence of oak, the walnut, with maple and mahogany. The feeling that emerges is that of complementary solid, strong and reliable functionality. Furniture made ​​of American style colonial bring with them important traces of history. The English pilgrims, starting from the mother country, bringing with them their own furniture but when they reached the lands of North America, they were irrevocably damaged, practically destroyed because of the difficulty of the journey . At this point we then presented the need for new furniture in the shortest possible time. was then that the pilgrims created with their own hands and using local wood, furniture that had the hallmarks of English ones. They were in fact made ​​on the basis of the classical canons and had all the characteristics of rustic furniture that furnished the houses of the English countryside .


Decorating with colonial style furniture

Choose the style colonial furniture to decorate your home, whether it is American or the East, it means you want to create environments of atmospheres , thus giving a touch of originality. One of the main risks they are taking the interior decorating in this style, however, is to fall in’ excess and burdened by aesthetic furnishings. A helpful hint in this direction is to furnish only a few colonial-style room and not the whole house. To get the best colonial style must remember above all that it is a mixed trend, a balance between different styles. This balance must be maintained in the selection and match of letdown. If you choose the American style, then we must be careful not to create an atmosphere too rustic, country. One option is to lighten the environment furnishing inserting elements belonging to a different style and at the same time present the similarities, such as the classic one. If you prefer instead the oriental style, however, be careful not to overdo the accessories or with tissues as this is likely to furnish the house according to a predominantly ethnic style .