The September still use the same costumes in summer like bedding bedroom. It is still a hot month for many and is the ideal occasion to continue giving more color freshness and joy to your bedroom. Against hot nights, nothing better than lighter and docile textiles such as the cotton very fine the satin or even always attractive silk. Bedroom is the main part of a house so we should keep it beautiful. Flax although it tends to wrinkle much it is also a good alternative to consider for giving you a very personal and nice touch to the bedroom.


The room is a very intimate place there rest, disconnects, and started and ended the day so you have to strive to have the site as possible according to our tastes quiet and inviting. While the predominant color depends on the preferences, there are certain tones that are recommended for room and bedding the neutral soft pastel colors plain or combined. Among all the green is a color that brings calm at the same time energy and combines well with white and gray tones.

Hues blue are also suitable recreate the best of sea and beach, and can be combined with various shades of blue with white and pink forming a joint refreshing and light. It is important not to use garish or very dark colors in the bedroom to create a light and comfortable atmosphere. It is best to prepare a bedroom each season, what today it is possible, comfortable and not so expensive: one tip is to take advantage of discounts of many white house’s online with offers and promotions. Dare to your room with light colors soft prints and finishing off the set with matching curtains and cushions.