The bedroom is not always easy to arrange. Sometimes small, we try to incorporate our furniture in a practical way, the result is not always conclusive and the atmosphere is left behind. However, the layout and decoration should be made with great care, because it spends several hours to rest and refuel energy while we sleep. The room should be inviting and inspiring relaxation.

Position of the bed

The furniture that is built into the room should be sized proportional to the size of the room. The bed is the dominant element of the room, then it must be positioned optimally, and that, in the right corner on the right wall. Ideally, place the bed against the largest wall in the room, allowing a free flow around and adding side tables. It is also possible, if the room is large enough, place the bed at an angle. However, it should ensure that sufficient space for placing at least one bedside table or floor lamp beside the bed. Otherwise, the bed will look not established in the room. If the room is very small and made the long, one can place the bed under the window. To establish the bed in this position, we will treat the window covering accordingly to make a “headboard”. This approach can give a lot of character to the room!


Make the bed the focal point

Once the furniture placed, one has to focus on the decoration. The bed is the centerpiece, you must establish well in space by the addition of decorative elements that will ensure that it will be well presented and will become the focus of the room.

Here’s how to get there:

# If there is no headboard, place a large painting above the bed. Caution! It does not exceed the width of the bed;
# If space permits, place two bedside tables with two beautiful table lamps to fully surround the bed if space is limited, placing a single bedside table with a table lamp and on the opposite side, place a floor lamp;

And a colored box the same width as the bed emphasizes the beauty of a high ceiling! Of note: the hanging chandelier that brings charm and pleasure in this scene! Remember that the room should be comfortable and should suggest the trigger. Do not overload and do not incorporate features that can be stressful. As a workstation, a computer or exerciser. For your storage needs, look for improve your wardrobe by incorporating integrated storage systems (shelves, brackets, etc). Purify your decor and choose colors based on the trigger. Blues, soft greens and neutrals are sound values.