When we decide to change the decoration of our home and in particular to paint the walls of a room, the first thing we must do is think well what we are going to do. Rushing into buying furniture or choosing color may be a mistake that can lead to problems later on. One of the most common mistakes is usually when painting the walls.

future parents deciding colour of paint

Once we have the color or colors chosen, we must pay attention not to make mistakes when painting. Therefore, we explain the most common mistakes when painting to avoid them. Preparing the walls, Many times we do not prepare the surface well before starting to paint. It may happen that walls have dust and need cleaning, or that they have some cracks and need to be fixed before painting.

Common Mistakes When Painting a Room

It is important to protect well what we do not want to spoil. It takes a concrete time to leave everything well prepared, but it is critical. Common Mistakes When Painting a Room Quality materials and tools, if we use paint or rollers and brushes of poor quality to paint, the result of the work will be affected. Therefore, you have to choose quality products to paint the walls.

Common Mistakes When Painting a Room Amount of paint

When buying the paint we should buy enough. If we run out and need more, it can happen that when they are mixtures, we cannot find exactly the same mixture. Therefore, it is important to calculate the paint that we will need.

Common Mistakes When Painting a Room In adequate temperature

When we begin to paint a room it is recommended that the windows are open. If we paint a day that the weather is, very humid we will have problems for the paint to dry and the finish will not be all the same. It is best to paint on dry days and without much humidity.

Common Mistakes When Painting a Room Brushing

When painting with a paintbrush it is important not to put it fully into the paint. To introduce two – thirds of the brush will suffice. Otherwise, we will spend more painting than necessary. It is very common that if we paint more than one layer do not wait for the paint to dry completely . To achieve a good finish is very important to wait until the paint is completely dry to start giving the second layer. When it comes to painting, bodybuilder tape is usually used. The most common error comes at the time of removing it. If we wait for the paint to dry completely, we can remove part of it. Therefore, it is best to remove the tape when the paint is still slightly wet.