The bathroom is a complex space, various activities are held, as such, it must be designed to view it in its entirety, regardless of its amplitude. Needless to say, the furniture, accessories, sanitary equipment, together, contribute in defining, positive or negative, the functionality and aesthetics. E for this reason that many companies have different product lines throughout the bathroom space, and if that makes it easier for the customer the choice, on the other song represents for the company a further stimulus to the production of articles that are in tune with each other not only for formal coherence, but also for smart engineering solutions.

Designing items for an entire room, in fact, it is also much simpler to have the complete picture of a place on which to intervene certainly helps to solve the most of all the situations that could arise with products tailored to size, technology, and, why not? also design. Customers, for its part, relies on a single source for everything related to your bathroom, with the safety of a design more efficient and therefore more reliable for improvement over time, with all the products monitored by a single company.

Comfort and well-being in the bathroom with a unique brand

The experience of ROCA is emblematic in this regard. The company was founded in Spain in 1917 and produces only cast iron radiators for home heating. Over the years the production has implemented diversifying the entire entrepreneurial activity: cast iron boilers , tanks bath cast iron and steel , sanitary ware, fittings, equipment for air conditioning.


The 80s saw ROCA involved in entering the field ceramic , while the expansion of production in other European countries, with the acquisition of factories and production realities of the place. All these movements have consolidated commercial ROCA as international commercial reality of a certain level, and determined at the same time will company to concentrate its forces in what is now a corporation, Roca Business Corporation SA, in the bathroom.

The news for the bathroom signed ROCA

Previewed at Certainer 2012 some news. In addition to Armani Roca offered in two finishes, black and white, to be reported Hide & Seat, the proposed smart space shower that combines in a single unit the plate, the seat and a storage box. addition to being a comfortable space for products to use in the shower, Hide & Seat welcomes, in the space of the seat, a removable basket for towels and hairdryer, and has the seat lift able, for storing various soap and sponges. In-Flow is the new bath that combines comfort and sustainability with its ergonomic shape that allows you to use only 75 liters of water to cover the whole body. The waterfalls side for the whirlpool and lateral grooves for the cascade effect transform the bathroom into a mini spa. The taps are retractable, the keypad is a touch screen. Finally, In-Tank Meridian is the first system for toilet to incorporate cassette and unloading inside the vessel, for a saving of both water space, for more rapid installation, since it does not need masonry works.