Why your neighbor’s living room is it inviting? Is this a superb sofa? Or small pillows that dress? Or color on the walls?

I must admit, some people have a flair for decorating! Inevitably, we all already poorly planned expenditures for a setting worthy of magazines, but ultimately, the result is sometimes very disappointing. Since I work in the field, I am constantly challenged. Why this scene is it so wonderful? It’s so simple! And you will see that it is really easy to decorate his house well. Just do not do too much and follow certain rules. As trends are constantly changing, you have to do some tuning to keep your current decor, but you will not have to change everything, because the old blends well with the new!No need to be designer to have the watchful eye. Just open your horizons and visit the beautiful boutiques, fine restaurants and fine hotel lobbies to educate your eyes!


Here are some tips to consider when you want to decorate his house

Observe the architecture

Do not fall into the trap of trying to make your cottage a Victorian castle. Be proud of your space and try to value them for who they are! Your old century home has a huge furnace with big pipes? Never mind! With a little ingenuity, it can become a point of charm! Your bungalow reflects the 70 with its large yellow brick home? Why not inspire you to your decor! These pictures show how the architecture of the house had not been followed in the decoration. The classical / country does not look great in this space consists of contemporary architectural elements. See the difference between before and after.

Enhance your floors

The hardwood flooring is still popular. We love them in several species (exotic wood, bamboo, etc). We can combine wood to ceramics to delineate areas, but be careful not to create the quilt effect on your floors. Deign to consider floating floors or carpets, but please, choose them carefully! Quality must be good quality and that says does not necessarily unaffordable. Regardless of the flooring for which you choose, keep in mind that to create an elegant effect, consistency is snuff.

Invest in art

Contemporary art is still a place in a setting. Do some research and dare to encourage young emerging artists. You do not have the portfolio of the collector? Invest in a reproduction. The art adds character and authenticity to a scene.

Get beautiful lighting

It is true that the right mix of light brings a lot to a scene (see my column A well-lit ). Do not hesitate to call an electrician to add recessed lights in your rooms. In terms of decor, lamps play an important role in creating a style. They bring personality to your rooms. The very large lamps are popular with their oversized lampshades. The floor lamps are also becoming larger and bring an artistic touch, like a sculpture, home decor. The imposing chandeliers are also found around the house and not just above the table or in the grand entrance foyer, but also in the following rooms: the bedroom, laundry room, in the kitchen over the island.

Integrating the experience to your decor (mix old and new)

More than ever, the mixture of styles is popular. We can easily create a dreamlike setting, mixing ultra modern sofa with an antique wardrobe or parts very “vintage”. If you have the good fortune to refurnish nine, do not choose your furniture from a single collection. From your basic elements (a comfortable sofa, for example), add antique pieces or reproductions, or vice versa, simply. To that, add some character to your room with items recalling trips. Care to all assayed by keeping a common thread in your decoration.

The key botanical

A touch of green still has a place in the decor. Take care, go for it in moderation! If you do not have a green thumb, go with the false, but good quality!

Put some color

As a finishing touch, we choose the color. It is found on walls or in your accessories, choose the color buttons up to date. Just visit the shops to see what are the colors of the day. You will find lots of bright yellow, orange, purple and green.