Remodeling your Attic: Cost Effective, But What About Rats?

Remodeling your attic can be one of the most profitable home upgrades possible. If you’re generally clean, it won’t be that difficult, either. You’ve just got to move some boxes and old furniture, dust things a little, get rid of the cobwebs, throw down some rugs, maybe put up some wallpaper or lighting, and voila! You’ve got either a new bedroom or general purpose room.

Such remodels are cost-effective and add substantial value to your home. But if you haven’t been conscientious about maintaining your attic, you’re going to experience difficulties. One of the largest ones comes in the form of infestation.


Rat Stats

Especially in Southern California, rats and mice flourish. The temperature is always fine, there are millions of people, and the garbage is practically endless. It’s like rodent Nirvana. How can they not do well in such circumstances? The thing is, you can’t always see the little blighters.

Statistics have it that if you’re seeing rat droppings, that means there are 1 to 100 rats on the premises. If you see the occasional rat at night, there are 100 to 500 on the premises. These numbers are derived from breeding patterns of rats.

Rats can multiply very quickly. A single pair of common brown rats can produce five litters of up to fourteen rat babies a year. That’s seventy per couple. Brown rats reach sexual maturity in five weeks. That means under ideal conditions, one liter can expand to seven in just two months. Two rats can have 98 offspring within two months. Things get exponential from there.

If you see a rat dropping, assume the worst. You’ve got an infestation. Now, you can try to combat these pests yourself—though they’ll definitely be hiding in the walls, and anywhere they can find a crevice to crouch. Steel wool can help stop up holes, and traps can curtail rat advances—though be advised: you’ll need large traps. Rat poison can be harmful, so be careful with that.

Still, with a possibility of 100 to 500 on your premises, you may just want to find an exterminator. Especially if you want your attic remodel to truly reflect additional space that’s usable, you’re going to want professionals who understand how to bring green methods of extermination and control to the table.


Keeping Clean

Beyond remodel contingencies, exterminating rats represents a hygienic necessity. Such pests carry insects with infectious diseases like Bubonic Plague, which has never been eradicated and yet flourishes in climates near the equator.

There are no shortage of extermination services out there. Finding the right one can be a challenge. Find a service that focuses not only on extermination, but attic cleaning.

Finding The Best Solution

According to Green Rat Control, when you’re in the market for attic cleaning services, you need to look for services that: “…have experienced all types of attic cleanup in homes and offices in Southern and Northern California.” Such companies will have encountered rodent infestations, and will know how to deal with them.

While solutions like rat poison can have a “successful” effect, they can also leave toxic residue which is ultimately harmful to residents of your home, and could be a negative feature which may ultimately diminish property value. Besides which, such compounds are ultimately bad for the environment.

If you are considering an attic remodel, or if you’ve recently experienced an infestation of rodents, finding exterminators with acumen in both fields—who have an environmentally clean approach—is one of the better ways to go about upgrading and maintaining your premises.