Getting the most out of this living space as original, to make your stay more convenient

An attic, unlike a loft has windows and are at the top of the housing under the ridge. Normally has one or more windows and is often used as living room, study or bedroom.

Features to be an attic to habitable

Must have at the bottom a minimum height of 1.50 m, to move easily, must have a minimum of 2.50 m in at least 30% of the total area of ​​the room. The height greater focus on the ridge (highest ridge at the intersection of the roof) in which a steeper, more likely to use is the attic. Beams or pillars supporting the roof remaining spatial and visual quality of the attic and prevent it can move comfortably. If the roof is in poor condition it is cheaper to rebuild than to repair. Replacement may be the infilling , sanitation and re-roof or in part.

How must be the window in a dormer roof

The sights, the roof pitch and orientation determine the size, design and choice of the window to get more out of this room. The characteristics required are:

# The ideal is that you can see through the window, so it is advised that the top is at least 1.80 m above ground at the bottom to 90 cm.
# If the roof slope is rather closed (between 15 ° and 35 ° C), elongated windows should be installed to allow a good distribution of light on the floor and a wide view. If there is little high, it is desirable to cover the surface with an oblong window.
# For clarity, there are solutions as protective insulation, double glazing with air chamber or install an electric opening system.


The cross ventilation systems allow the interior cool naturally with roof windows combining vertical and providing other energy savings.

Placement of cabinets in an attic

Perfect for ordering space under a sloping roof. If placed as the slope of the roof takes advantage of every corner, and ordering gaps wasted. To release the visual weight posed wardrobes, doors can be closed with glass fronts lacquered or integrated in the same color as the walls. You can get gain depth in cabinets when installed parallel to the ridge line, making dressing or wardrobe. In places where the ceiling is lower, it is best to place boxes and complete with modular shelves in stages.

Appropriate solutions in an attic insulation

Improving conditions from the point of view is known thermal and acoustic insulation solutions appropriate. Thus, you can get an energy saving , prevent drafts and mold on the walls of the room. The market available for this purpose various insulating materials as are some of the following:

Rockwool : used in interior partitions and provides thermal insulation and acoustic. They come in soft panels, rigid and semi-rigid.
Polyurethane Foams: allow soundproofing and are in sheets of 20 to 100 mm (need coverings of plaster, brick wall or plasterboard).
Cork: the greener solution and is used as thermal insulation, acoustic panels come in 40 mm thick.
Expanded polystyrene: insulation used in walls, floors or outdoors in a rigid plastic base and gases. Release can be found in panels ranging from 10 to 100 mm thick.
To avoid water leaks in the roof, the best solution is to install systems formed by metal substructures and tiles.

Materials and finishes to win light in attics

The white color is the best choice to ensure more light on this part of the home where comfort is sought. On lacquered wood or glass, the effect is multiplied by their reflections and glare. The metals act as mirrors to project light on other surfaces, as in the polished which are multiplied by a rebound effect. Using materials such as glass, it helps not to obstruct the passage of light and multiply your reflexes. Replace any point of the attic wall as a room divider or even the bedroom door with an opaque color, can be satisfactory options to gain light on the choice of such materials. In general, attic spaces are a great option for a cozy and functional living together. Hitting with the materials, air conditioning , distribution and provide light and ventilation are usually basic guidelines to make them comfortable.