For many of you all star moms out there, you know that your plate is almost always full and this you’re always checking the checkbook. Having kids and a home and husband seems like an endless challenge but truly, a constant joy. If there was just a little more money to spend, there would have been a little less challenge and a little more joy, however. A household night of dinner and a movie can throw you back a hundred dollars or more, and while you don’t want to skimp on quality family time or fun for the kids, there are many easy ways to cut big costs when you just challenge that DIY person within you. For instance, you know that hole in the kids’ playroom that you’ve been meaning to acquire fixed? You don’t have to call a handyman to repair that drywall, you can do it yourself!


Are a little…rusty, shall we say, go online to amazing and informative sites such as welding helmets auto darkening or The DIY Outlet to get each of the fix it tips you’ll ever need. With a little research plus a minimal amount of time, you will have every one of the tools you have to try your hand at fixing that drywall all by yourself! I only know because I’ve done it myself. Just one escape to the hardware store and eighteen dollars gave me everything I needed to have the wall inside the play room appear brand new.


Once I had the DIY confidence, I began searching for projects, not just servicing them. There exists a guest room with its own bathroom. Until recently, we never really paid much attention to it, even though the previous owners tried it for visiting grandparents. However, my husband’s parents just moved near by so that they could spend more time with the kids, and on nights that grandma and grandpa decided to stay over or babysit, they used that room. Once you learn anything about renovations, you know that they cost serious money, although the bathroom needed some serious work. So, my husband and that i decided to retile and refurbish the bathroom ourselves. Without getting a new tub or toilet, we pulled out the floor and laid down a completely new one at ten percent the cost of what the contractor told us! The latest tile is beautiful as well as the newly stained tub and sink really bring the entire bathroom together. Now I don’t ought to sheepishly apologize to anyone who uses that room, instead I can boast and tell them how much money I’ve saved!