A move is always complicated and it’s a bore. You probably put in a bad mood several times and discuss it with who is helping you. A more confident with who help you, you discuss it more with moving company Phoenix. Here we give you some tips to reduce the stress of moving house. We can guarantee you will not be bored but it at least easier.

Cleaning before a move

Do not try to do everything quickly, especially if your home is large or if you take a lot of time living in it, or both. A surprising number of objects those are able to accumulate. At least one month before making the transfer begins to get rid of everything that you’re not going to wear. Take the opportunity to do cleaning. Be realistic: all those clothes (and shoes) that guards are not coming back into fashion, and if you look closely, you have more clothes away to be at home that you use every day.


Preparing for a move

Before you start packing your things go summoning cardboard boxes, garbage bags, tape, scissors, bubble wrap for delicate (or newspaper, cheaper) stuff and a couple of fat tip pen to mark boxes. If you’re going to make the move without the help of professionals also need tools to remove the furniture that you go out. If you take the appliances in the kitchen reminds you’ll need to defrost the refrigerator. Find him an alternative site to your food or you will lose all you have in the fridge.

Packing for a move

Start by putting everything into boxes that you do not need for everyday life: the special dishes, sheets, clothes another season, figurines and decorations, for example. Mark well the boxes specifying what is inside and what rooms of the new house go. It will help when unpacking. Do not fill the larger boxes with heavy things or be impossible to move them later. Leave aside the essentials for daily living. Put it in well-marked boxes that will be the last you ride on the truck. So you can quickly identify when you arrive at your new home and not have to put you to search all packages.

The timing of the move

What you really need in your new apartment it is that the bathroom is in use, like the kitchen, the bed and your basic living things. The rest can come later if you cannot do everything at once. If you hire a moving company likely will be taken in one or two days. In this case make sure everything is in order before paying the last bill. If you would like to move the beams with friends you’ll need to rent a truck or van. This option is cheaper but probably will take longer. The more boxes (which room to go) easier and faster will be marked throughout. Remember you have to be you, or a handyman friend who makes you disassembly and reassembly of furniture.