Having your commercial property’s concrete sealed is no small thing. It will add curb appeal to your business’ exterior which means you will attract a maximum amount of customers and this means more sales and a better reputation. It will also reduce the need for lighting and increases the lifespan of your concrete, so you don’t have to worry about hiring contractors every few years.

Concrete sealing is useful for both exterior concrete and interior. Consider having the floor sealed in your basement to prevent moisture from seeping into its porous surface. Sealant also prevents dirt from getting into the concrete which can lead to a build-up of mildew and mold and cause dirty discoloration. Unsealed concrete surfaces will eventually create a stale and musty odor that will emanate into the entire house. All of this reduces its resale value. On top of that, any concrete that absorbs moisture and dirt will also be prone to freezing, which leads to cracking and crumbling, and a generally rough and pockmarked appearance.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete is usually used in high traffic areas of a commercial building. That’s because concrete is durable and long lasting. However, its appearance is not durable without some kind of high quality sealant. Visit www.sealtech.ca to see all of the commercial sealing services they offer. Although concrete provides a durable and heavy-duty surface, due to its porous nature, it easily absorbs all types of spills. Different types of spills and chemicals can mark the concrete surface and make it look dirty and old. It’s astonishing to see how much property value and curb appeal is lost due to unprotected hard surface damage. Concrete sealing offers the best barrier against chemical and abrasive liquid spills such as salt water, brake fluid, oil and staining liquids like juices, coffee and wine in indoor and outdoor areas.


In addition, professional concrete sealing adds considerable aesthetic value to your unpolished concrete. There’s no need to add wooden floors, carpet, or paint to enhance the beauty of your floors. Even after heavy polishing or brushing, concrete won’t look as good as professionally sealed concrete. Aside from hiding all blemishes, concrete sealing will also add character to your unfinished floor. The additional gloss added to your floors will highlight their authenticity and quality. More light will reflect from the floor thereby reducing the need for additional lights. You’ll even save money on your electricity bills!