One of the decorative trends most important today is to use contemporary works of art to bring modernity to housing. In the market, there are plenty of materials and different designs to hang on the walls and help create an environment with personality leaving just as we have always wanted. What use to  walls for modern homes must meet a condition you must go according to the theme and decorative look of the room in which we want to change the environment, which will make the stay has more life.

contemporary wall art

A clear example can see on these lines with a living room where it has taken into account the color scheme. Instead of using a full picture different columns have been used to create a different set. This bubble tree is completely balanced with earthy color palette where colors and crude sitting area, table and carpet predominate.

No need to recharge much room to get a good decoration, often the premise of less is more” is true and can be created stays as you see in the picture above. It is a very simple room where binomial black and white with a color predominates break as trestle cherry red, which contrasts perfectly with the main color gamut. On the wall it is placed a decorative vinyl in black color not leave her naked, getting a simple but original walls for modern homes.

The combination is achieved with this box columns creates a striking depth perspective and style. Finally, we can see an original combination with the contemporary work of art that has nothing to do with painting but still impressive. This is a metallic composition creates a large number of random patterns and volume loops.

All in black but you can also choose this training in white to play with walls that are in dark colors like black but would also be correct with a blue green or orange Veronese Guantanamo for more risky. These combinations are not too complex but with an exceptional result as you may have seen in the photographs that accompany this entry is achieved. Now, you have the inspiration and you can extrapolate these ideas to your home sure you get a spectacular result.