Well, we just got out of my brand new shower and there is plenty of moisture in the basement. We must correct the situation, and quickly. We all know that moist air causes major problems in a house. Look, all the options available to us.

Control fans

Initially, there, on the market, controls for bathroom fans that vent humidity automatically when it reaches a certain level. And they have advantages. But you must follow some rules.

# More switch. They start and stop automatically when the humidity returns to normal.
# The moisture is exhausted outside. So you have to install an exit hatch. Ideally, it should be provided with a check windscreen. You will not regret it when the winds are important outside.
# The escape hatch shall be located on a wall or, if unavoidable, on the exterior soffit.
# The fan must be powerful enough to quickly evacuate stale air. However, it should not be too powerful if you have a wood stove.
# The same goes for the exhaust hood in the kitchen. Again, the fan must be responsive. You do not doubt that the smoke from your system up heating with wood is removed through the interior of your home, because of a too powerful fan. The maximum power must not exceed 600 cfm (cubic feet per minute).


The air exchanger

Today’s homes are increasingly tight. If you need a solution for the entire household, you will need to turn to an air exchanger with a heat recovery. The latter offers the best solution, at several points of view.

# Your home will be more temperate. You will feel better.
# The device allows you to recover 68% of the heat of your home.

Installing the air exchanger

To install such equipment, you will need to hire a certified installer, or follow some rules.

# The air exchanger heat recovery must be installed in a heated space, clean and accessible. The stay in the garage or attic is a good idea.
# The air intake must be located outside, at moins18 inches off the ground and never near a parking lot. It must be fitted with a grating strong enough to prevent rodents entering the house or a bird makes its nest there.
# The vent exhaust air must be located at least 72 inches off the ground, far enough from the air inlet. You do not want to circulate the stale air.
# To exit, choose a valve Windscreen for the reasons explained above.
# Clearly identify your inputs and outputs. This will make it easier if you have to do work.
# Inside, it is best to install the gates in the walls or ceiling, and this, in rooms where you spend the most time: lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, room that houses the home theater , home office, in fact, where you could accumulate moisture.
# If you install the railings on the walls, head up the strips. You will not have to suffer little cold drafts when you are in the room.
# Install ducts in heated spaces: walls, floors, ceilings, for greater efficiency.

Haro moisture

A house is a better investment and costly. By installing an air exchanger heat recovery, your home will be: more comfortable the air is purer; you regularize moisture away from your residence, you will avoid the formation of mold or fungi; you will prolong the life of your property well, you will surely be in better health. Well, the job is finished. So I have to take a shower. Suddenly, there is more hot water. Well, I’ll have to replace the water heater. And it will be the subject of our next column.