Are you thinking about termites in your house? The most dreaded of all household pests, termites can wreak havoc on a home’s structure. With a primary diet of wood, termites can cause major damage to a home or other building. These tips and ideas will help you successfully detect and combat all types of termites.

Termites can be a very serious problem for any home. If you believe that you currently have termites in your home, it is of the utmost importance that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you do everything you can to get rid of them.

Most people are unaware that termites can be effectively taken care of at home, and end up calling a specialist to help them with their problems. The reason is because killing termites is not easy. There are several different methods of killing termites. The best method according to many people is to hire a pest control operator.Most people end up trying several different things before finding a way that works for their situation.

Controlling Termites

So based on this fact I am going to write some tips that you can use to control termites in your home.

Winged termites leave a colony during the spring to mate and establish their own colonies. If these insects appear inside a home, it is a sure sign of an infestation. Easily confused with winged ants, termites can be identified by their straight antennae, broad waist, and wings of equal size.

Termites build tubes of mud along a home’s foundation, floor joists, sills, piers, and similar locations. These mud tubes are a great indicator of a termite presence in the home.You can cut tubes open to look for creamy white termites in order to verify an infestation. (An empty tube, however, doesn’t mean that a termite infestation doesn’t exist.)

Wood that has been damaged by termites will contain hollow tubes, called feeding galleries that are lined with dried mud or bits of dirt. Damage by other insects, however, is often accompanied by small piles of sawdust.

The exterior of infested wood may show no signs of damage. Termites often tunnel through the interior of a board, leaving the visible surfaces intact.

Effective termite control requires a deep application of termiticide to the soil around a home’s foundation. The termiticide must penetrate many feet below the surface because termites are subterranean creatures that tunnel deep below the ground to travel between their nests and a home. It can take hundreds of gallons of termiticide to fully treat a home.

Two major types of termite treatment exist – termiticides, which kill termites, and termite repellents. Repellents were commonly chosen in the past, but termiticides have proven more effective at eliminating termites quickly. A homeowner should discuss the options with a pest control company before deciding on the best route.

Pest control companies can also use termite baits, sometimes in conjunction with a deep-soil application of a liquid termiticide. The baits are placed in the ground around the foundation. They deliver a slow-acting poison combined with a food source to attract the termites. Baits may also be placed over mud tubes where termites have been observed.

Termites nest deep underground away from the home but travel into the home to feed on wood and other items. For this reason, it is completely ineffective to try to eradicate them through ’spot treatments.’

Liquid termiticides are designed to control termites for at least five years when properly applied, but even small spaces that are missed during application will allow termites to return. Reputable pest control companies will return to retreat an area if the initial treatment is not successful, but it is wise for homeowners to inquire about any guarantee before having the service performed.

Termites work slowly as they damage wood inside a home. It is a good idea to take time to interview multiple termite control companies before choosing the best one for the job. There is little need to worry about the additional damage that will be caused by taking a month to make an informed choice.

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