Tools needed

* Sandpaper
* heat gun or chemical stripper stripping
* spatula or knife, paint
* brushes, brush
* painting

Retrieve the surplus

are surplus when used too much paint. If this still is not dry just spend a spatula across the surface in question to fix the problem. If, however, is dry, scrape the excess must sand the wall and leave it smooth. Then removes dust particles with the aid of a brush. Now you can repaint the wall.

Correct floured

When the paint is diluted in excess flour dries and becomes dust. If need be, you have to stripping and repainting the surface.

Avoid cracks

cracks are created only if there is a wear or if the paint adhesion to the wall is poor. Unfortunately this defect in the paint has no solution. It should be sanded and painted again.

Stop the bubbles

bubbles appear when there is moisture on the surface, especially if it is wood. In that case, do nothing to remove moisture before: it ends the infiltration of water or install a system that absorbs moisture. When the problem is resolved you will etch the surface with a heat gun or chemical stripper and re-paint. Next time, use microporous paint.


Fighting in dirt

If you have dirt embedded in the paint must polish the wall and then clean with a sponge. When dry, you can repaint.

Remove the chips

The chips are the result of poor adhesion of the coating to the surface. Usually because the surface has not been prepared or painted properly or because the painting has caused an incompatibility between the layers. If this defect is only detected in a small area of the painted surface with a knife decapala big leaf and líjala. Next, prepare the area well and paint it again. Unfortunately, if the surface is important no choice but to start from scratch. Pickled painting, prepares the surface and paint again.

Make the paint back the original shine

bright tones paints can be turned off. It is an effect that occurs on surfaces that have long been painted, which were prepared wrong or whose first layers are not allowed to dry well. In all these cases, you must sand the surface, remove dust and apply a coat of gloss.

Remove paint stains

misapplied If you paint or you’ve spent with the amount, the brush will leave a trace. Sand the surface and applying a new layer of color.

Masking the roller track

supported If you have too much on the roller and the track is still not disappear, sand a little and repaints.