We all like a tipi the small to the elderly and the cats. A nice, fun and pleasant refuge will delight your pet and look great as a decorative element in your home.

Small design shelters

If your cat is more exquisite in design matters, you also have great options in that regard. Look for something that fits the style of the furniture in your home if you are one of the latest to find a last generation shelter.


Retro Cat Furniture

If what you like the cat and you is the retro style there is no problem with that. The creators of pet furniture have thought of everything and we have shelters for them inspired by several decades ago.

The table is something necessary for you as a point of support. Whether center, auxiliary or even office or dining room today there are versions that include in the bottom a zone of relax or game for the cat so each one has in it its space.

Full size bedroom

The complete bedroom is already the most. But of course, if you have your bed with bedside tables. Other accessories because it is understood that the cat also has a right although in the end do not use and end up going to sleep at the foot of yours, but is that It’s so cute

Cat hammock

The hammock is that ideal complement for the relaxation and for the nap that we have all dreamed about, but that almost none of us have at home. For the cat, it is easier to install because it weighs less, so maybe he can be the first member of the family to have it.

For the most colorful cats

If your cat and you like the intense colors you can look for it casita or play area in those tones. I am more of neutral tones, but you know that for color tastes and sure, that cats also think so. The casita- shaped houses are so pretty that they make you want to buy one even without a cat. It happens with many of the furniture for pets especially when they are made with style and from natural materials. There are different materials and styles to choose from and they have the advantage that in addition to being comfortable for the cats they are decorative as a complement to our living room or bedroom.

Cat Carton House

If you want your pet to be responsible with the environment, you can choose for your house materials that favor sustainability such as cardboard and especially if it is recycled.