This week, I answer the famous question: can one ask of ceramics over another ceramic? This question has been raised among others by Niky and Diane. ” Hello, I am ceramic in my kitchen and I wonder if I have to take it off or if I can stand over. Thank you for your attention. ”

Hello Diane and Niky

People often ask if they can install a new ceramic on the former: there is no problem, provided you follow certain guidelines. The first is whether the addition of the new ceramic will not make the surface too high compared to other flooring. It can become irritating to bump the toes on the edge of the ceramic if it is too high. Then you must be sure that the surface is strong enough to receive another ceramic. He must also see if once installed, the ceramic will not prevent the doors to open. The transition between different materials or different adjacent rooms is important to check.

Install ceramic over another

Once these few checks made, it is necessary to take the following precautions:

# Make sure to use the correct adhesive cement. I suggest you inform your retailer that you provide for the mortar to be used for installation on another ceramic.
# You will also be a primer on existing ceramic to allow proper adhesion between two surfaces.


Remove existing ceramic

However, you may choose to remove the existing ceramic, which I think is the best thing to do for a beautiful finish, you should pay attention to:

# Be sure to remove all cement glue was there before installing the new tile.
# Screw the plywood floor cons before installation: this will prevent the cracking and the crack of the floor tiles.
# If your floor is not strong enough, install a different cons-plated at least 1/4 inch of that you’ll stick with carpenter’s glue and then you screw them over by the former to have a clean surface and solid.

As you can see, this is not as easy as you think to install a new coating. We must therefore put the odds on his side to be satisfied and get many years of this new coating. It’s always better to think before because after, it gets complicated!