A feast of tastes better quality table. With elegant tablecloths, runners, placemats, square plates and fine tableware comes in a festive atmosphere.

The most delicious food will taste twice as good when it is presented attractively. A gorgeous Christmas table was set for six to eight people can be realized more quickly than you might think.

A self-made tablecloth for the festive table for Christmas

Cover your from rectangular dining table with a white or cream-colored and carefully ironed tablecloth in this case. Put the cloth as possible immediately after ironing on. To avoid creases. It should necessarily be sufficiently large and depend on all sides at least 10 centimeters down. If you do not have a table cloth of suitable size, in good time to buy suitable fabric a blend of cotton and linen with synthetic is ideal. Hemming the fabric very simple way is to enclose it with bias tape in matching colors. This table cloth you can use year after year and on many occasions.


Decorative table runner in red organza or satin for two guests

Place three red table runners – beautiful organza or satin across the table. This allows two people to sit opposite to a runner. When a guest sits eight people depending on the outer edges of the table without its own runners.

Christmas Placemats as protective and decorative element

Now put on each seat the runner a possible high-grade mat. Buy the set or sew your own place mats made ​​of a solid and decorative material. This festive kit is designed to protect the underlying ceiling. Above all, there is an additional decorative element that underlines the impression of festive exuberance. If your table is big enough now that looks bright red tablecloth out from between the runners who are in turn seen in the middle of the table yet.

Silver or gold plate as a place that special something under the Christmas dishes

Make sure to place a gold-or silver-colored dinner plate. Then comes a large flat plate for the main course, also a matching deep dish for the soup. The utensils are lined up right next to it. Beautiful crystal wine glasses bring a festive sparkle to the table.

A large and opulent chandeliers as the center of the table decorations

Give the table a center. Imagine an opulent chandeliers in the middle. It can be silver or gold, but also in white painted wood in the shape of a reindeer. Important: There are many candles should aim to find a place. Paint each guest a card room with gold lettering on a plain white card.

Dark red and dark green cloth napkin in a napkin ring

Use one color dark green or dark red napkins, which are held together with a Christmas napkin rings or small candles. Cloth napkins look very elegant. If you want to decorate, you also with matching Christmas balls and a tight red satin ribbon tied into small bunches of fresh greenery.

No accounting for taste look at the work by far

Take a little distance and look at your work. Perhaps you would rather want to forgo the additional placemats and instead of festively patterned jacquard three runners take. Eventually you will notice that the additional decorations can seem cluttered the table. Whether you take them away again, or even accommodate additional decorations, is ultimately a matter of taste.