The sun, cicadas, lavender. The Provencal style is experiencing an unprecedented time in the regions where the sun is usually too lean. And if you crave the warm colors, pure materials and a large dose of originality is our guide. First step: Choose natural materials Walls should be simple and authentic. Choose outlined plaster, natural stone and paneled walls. If you want to dress them with wallpaper anything stop you: glitter, stripes, flowers, etc. while retaining the freshness and joy of colors. As for soil, opt for baked clay tile rustic look, looking paginated ceramic, glazed ceramic tiles, hexagonal shaped or tumbled marble.

They have the advantage of being resistant to the passage of time and to maintain an irregular, rough and beautiful craftsmanship. In addition, the placement is simple whether you decide to put the tiles straight, diagonal as a chessboard or a center frieze. As for the furniture, choose woods such as oak, beech, cherry crude version, with bright-colored or highlighted. Wrought iron and wicker also have their place in the interior of Provence. Second step: Choose authentic furniture for the kitchen or dining room and choose a large rectangular table with benches or straw or wicker chairs, a buffet or a dresser to store crockery and other items of crockery.


The room should be a comfortable place, with a nice big coffee table, a sofa or even a chair bench wicker or wrought iron with a cabinet for the TV or a large bookstore. The Mediterranean-style bedroom with wrought iron beds type canopy, dresser, bedside tables and cabinets together. The room should have handcrafted woodwork look aged finishes to make it look more authentic. Regarding the bathroom, multiply wicker pieces, raw wood shelves or wrought iron with glass shelves and do not forget the old faucet.

Third step: Explosion summer colors

This style is characterized primarily by mixing bright and warm colors. Try shades combine the most powerful, character marks such as ocher, blue ocean, red spice and all kinds of yellows and oranges. These shades associated with white a touch intimate stay and accentuate the luminosity. But the look is authentic avoids excesses: is better to combine two or three colors, no more. Fourth step: Focus on details to bring elegance, simplicity and tradition, think about china knickknacks, or polished iron candlestick wrought with colored thick curtains, etc. As for the cushions, the couch or bed, choose antique quilts with reasons and give the room a timeless note, Mediterranean, always fashionable .