This magnificent game room is inspired by the playfulness of childhood. Caught in a swirl of colorful stripes, she draws us into his joyous movement. Part of the interest of these colorful stripes comes from their sizes. Proportions of this game is inspired by the shape of bar codes used in stores. In addition to increasing the pace of the composition, the idea facilitates the achievement of each stripe eliminating precision calculations.

When determining the size of your scratch, consider the width of the masking tape that will be added to either side thereof. A second trick is to adjust the size of your stripes of different size rolls sold in the market. This trick saves a lot of time when applying paint. Color stripes: Caribbean Coast (2065-60), Mandarin (2018-20), Pure Rose (2003-40), and Lime Green (2026-30) Benjamin Moore brand. Materials needed: Masking tape, paint rollers of various sizes, spirit level, tape measure pencil at the mine.


Step 1

For the bottom, cover the wall with two coats of white paint. Between each application, observe the drying times specified by the manufacturer. When the paint is dry, determine the width of your stripes marking their intersection with a stroke. To do this, use a tape measure.

Step 2

Still using a tape measure, see the dimensions of the stripes in various parts of the room. Then, use a level to bring these brands with perfectly straight lines.

Step 3

Guiding you on the lines previously drawn, put masking tape. This will serve as division between each stripe.

Step 4

Determine the sequence of color of your stripes by applying a drop of paint on the wall. It is not necessary to follow a specific order, let your creativity!

Step 5

Roller, apply the different colors in the spaces provided in the previous step. Let dry according to the time prescribed by the manufacturer. During the same day, apply the second coat of paint. It is important to complete the painting within 24 hours so you can easily remove the masking tape.

Step 6

When painting is completed, carefully remove the strips of masking tape. Perform this task as soon as possible so that the sections are still taken in the painting.