The decision to opt for wood finish helps to give to every room of the house a touch of sophistication, while making the space warm and welcoming. The structure with exposed beams, one of the architectural solutions that best meets the need to give a whole vintage interior design, also has the advantage of giving greater depth sometimes attics or too low. If you are planning to renovate your apartment just using this system, follow the recommendations presented below. You’ll discover how making a ceiling with exposed beams without contacting skilled workers, with significant savings in labor costs.

Before you start with the design, it is good to keep in mind certain considerations regarding the choice of wood more suitable for this kind of work. Put simply, it is possible to reduce the types available on the market in two main categories: beams of solid wood and laminated wood beams. The first would be preferable considering their purely aesthetic merit, but we must also remember that they have two drawbacks: affordable costs little and little resistance. If you have a limited budget, so it is advisable to rely on laminated wood, which is also advantageous from the point of view of resistance.


Once you have purchased all the necessary materials, the work started calculating what should the distance between the beam and the other, and then project it on the ceiling to get an idea of the final result. To perform the exact calculation, you can refer to the example proposed. Whereas, say, the width of the ceiling is equal to 400 cm, which one of the beams measure 20 cm and that the poles are to be placed 5, the formula to be applied is as follows: [400 – (20×5)]: 5 = 60. The result obtained, 60 cm, indicating what should be the interval between the beams.

At this point, it will be necessary to practice on each pole hole, inside which then insert the dowels. Again, you decide in advance the exact number of holes, so as to calculate it exactly their position. Of course, each block must have the same distance from the next and be at regular intervals also with respect to the width of the pole. To make sure you do not make mistakes, mark the points before proceeding, as shown in the picture. Then drilled the beam, using a drill with a drill for wood.