lighting outdoor fascinating but at the same time provides a technical problem in devising. In fact, the outdoor light source goes to illuminate the darkness. There are no ceilings, we do not have walls, or silent or are given away by vegetation. Outside then you have to deal with the moisture and weathering that do not go totally agree with the electricity. In this guide we will indicate as creating outdoor lighting.

outdoor lighting

To create lighting outdoor garden or on a terrace, we have to follow precise criteria. That we may obtain the required illumination and also to make a system secure. We will use for general lighting lamps interspersed among them. Enough to ensure a level of at least 5 Lux (Lux is the measure of light intensity). Let us always remember that the lighting will survive not only when we use it in the summer evenings, but also in the presence of a raging thunderstorm or a snowstorm.

The supports of metal parts, lamps and lamp holders have to connect them to the ground. The power cord of the system, therefore we will have to connect three wires and coat with insulating material and durable. If the plant must be planted, we will use a corrugated pipe PVC 10. We will dig a deep groove 15 to 20 cm for the entire length of the corrugated tube, for all the lines. You will get all the lines in a manhole PVC where inside we will make the electrical connections.

junctions terminal of the electrical cable will perform away from the earth at the fixture. To create outdoor lighting we have to use a cable rubber coating. Let us remember that the electrical outlets we’ll ask you high above the ground (for example on the stem that supports the lamps) and will serve to type outdoor pond with metal shutter protection. The switch must store it inside the house to allow the switching on or off dry. When we create the system we will strive suspended a steel cable along the lighted path. In it we would then secure with plastic ties the power cord. Also in this case the joints we will execute within the same holder to be of the type suitable for external casing with ceramic and the entrance of the wires anti dripping and then waterproof.