Always looking for new ideas and tired of the usual furniture proposals? Making a resin floor can change the cards on the table and make space for creativity and the way of life of the interior. The results will be truly special and able to adapt to different styles! Choose a resin floor means starting a design path that leads, as a result, the implementation in their own environment a unique and unrepeatable. There are some assessments take charge as the physical and chemical resistance over time, the aesthetics, the limits of economic investment. High mechanical strength, wear and chemical agents.


The resin floor began as a finish for floors and industrial production, and that says a lot for its resistance to wear and impact unlike what you might think. Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to the idea of a single color and the floor without joints but above all of non-precious materials for the interior. Then the different styles landed in interior design have played their part and resin floors are entered from the main entrance! The solution is original because it is still not widespread in residential but it is a job that sees advantages and disadvantages. We start with the cons, so leave more space for fun: create a floor in resin DIY mode is not very advisable unless you really golden hands and do not be very precise. The resin floor is sold as self-leveling but that does not mean that the paid and does it all! Do you need expert hands even if a normal floor layer will be perfectly able to do so without resorting to personal super knowledgeable and very expensive. It is clear, however, that must be a good floor layer! The work is not very cheap but the price becomes lower per square meter if the surfaces increase: in proportion to a small bathroom will cost more than an entire apartment.

The benefits are so much more. The resin floor you can lay on any surface below: a few well-executed pass and the ugly floor will be just a memory. There are almost infinite colors, surfaces that are obtained are smooth and flat and easy to clean. Wanting although more expensive you can opt for flooring in several colors with decorations, drawings, overlays or incorporate small objects or metal powders or colored under layer of clear finish. The result can then be customized and adapted to your taste and any type of furniture you have in the house. The thickness required can be reduced to a few millimeters and can therefore prevent the demolition of the old floor and it will be sufficient for the maximum file a little door on the bottom: if it is not clearly vintage doors!