With more and more people working from home, there is an increasing demand for advice and guidance on how to create a productive and comfortable work environment at home. When they have the luxury to do so, many people are choosing to set up an office outside, in their shed or garage because it helps to separate their work and personal life. If you are considering working from an outdoor office, this post should help you make sure it is professional as well as comfortable.


The first thing to consider is how you will maintain the perfect temperature in your outdoor office. You won’t feel comfortable or be able to focus on your work if you are too cold or hot.

Outdoor Office

If you are moving your workspace into a shed or garage, it’s unlikely that it will be connected to the central heating. There are many sophisticated ways to heat a garage, but they tend to be very expensive. A portable fan or electric heater may be a sound investment. Do test these items out before buying, however, to ensure they are not too noisy for you to work with.

There are also budget-friendly ways to heat up a shed. You could reinforce the structure with solid wood sourced from a good timber merchant. Between the existing layer of timber and the new one, add some insulation. Bubble wrap is an effective and very affordable material to use.

Ensure you seal up any gaps in the structure to avoid cold air getting in and hot leaking out. Additionally, lay down some carpets or rugs to warm up the look and feel of your new office.


The more natural light you have, the more productive you will be in your outdoor office. However, garages and sheds tend to be dark and pokey. It’s important to do what you can to lighten up the space. Try to let as much natural light in as possible. This may require removing blinds or curtains, decluttering existing windows or even installing a new window, if this is within your budget. Also, you could use some light enhancing techniques like painting the walls white and placing mirrors opposite windows to bounce the light around the space.

Good overhead artificial light and more focused light from lamps will also help to keep you productive and comfortable when there is limited sunlight.

Decorating and layout

You must also consider how you will decorate and position the furniture in your outdoor office. Adding books, flowers, and pictures will help change the space from a garage or shed into an office. Don’t go overboard, however. Too many decorations could result in the office looking like any other room in your home and becoming too distracting.

The layout is also very important. Make sure you can function comfortably in the space. This may require moving existing items, such as garden tools, to a new location. You should be able to fit everything you need in your office, to avoid going back and forward between your house and your office whenever you require something.

Once you’ve taken these considerations on board and made any necessary changes, you are ready to start working from your new outdoor office. We hope that it is a success!